Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To Williamstown’s decision to make pool admission free for kids on Fridays. The change is made possible because of a grant. “This is a great opportunity, because we had to charge everyone this year, so some families could not afford to bring their kids often, if at all,” said councilwoman Barbara Lewis. July and August are sure to be hot and humid enough that plenty of kids will take advantage of the offer; and parents will be grateful for it. Thank you, folks.

DOWN: To continued uncertainty — not necessarily anyone’s fault — about setting a plan and schedule for reopening schools in West Virginia and Ohio. “You better have Plan B ready to go,” said Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va. Fortunately, we know most local school districts have Plans B, C and D ready, and are trying to be on their toes in terms of deciding what and when to implement. But parents’ worries and frustrations are understandable. Here’s hoping clear guidelines and calendars can be put in place soon.

UP: To the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation and Regional Affiliates awarding of nearly $370,000 in scholarships to nearly 200 local students. It would be easy for local organizations to tighten up and do a little less this year, given the economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19. But the PACF knows we must march on and prepare for the future. “We’re here to help parents and students easily navigate the scholarship process and provide meaningful financial assistance for college,” said Rachel Brezler, the foundation’s regional scholarships officer. Thank goodness they are.


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