Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

To news that business expansion is happening along West Virginia 14 south of Parkersburg. Lemon and Barrett’s planned new building off Pettyville Road is a hopeful sign. Though plans for the expansion began before the start of a widening project for the road, it is a positive indicator that the area is seeing economic progress. “This is a good sign that people want to be on this road,” said Wood County Commissioner Bob Tebay.


To Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who — no matter how one might feel about the rest of his politics — has bucked the trend among many in Republican leadership and not only wears a mask regularly, but asks others to do the same. McConnell appears to understand that politicization of a virus or masks is pure nonsense. “Our biggest threat now to the economy is the fact that COVID is surging again in certain parts of our country,” McConnell said. “Wear your mask.”


To volunteers who spent the July 4 weekend cleaning up Parkersburg’s Market Street, from fourth to 13th street, as part of the Junior League of Parkersburg’s Done in a Day initiative. It was a sweltering day, but project chairman Jane Burdette said dozens of volunteers of all ages took part. Thank you, folks!


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