Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To our local high school graduates who finally got the chance to celebrate in a somewhat traditional manner, after what must have been a challenging last few months of their senior years. Welcome to phase 2 of your journeys, ladies and gentlemen. May the next steps on your path be fruitful –full of learning and adventure. We are looking forward to seeing how you change the world!

UP: To local business owners like Kim and Ray Blackburn — owners of the local Wendy’s franchises — who donated a total of $110,000 to local organizations that serve our community. “We were able to stay open (during COVID-19 closures),” said Ray Blackburn. “The community has done such a great job trusting us, our sales have not faltered.” And so they gave back. Bravo to that generous gift. May it inspire others like it.

UP: To Brothers Keeper Ministry, and other local organizations, for finding a way to carry out their missions despite changes in the way we interact with each other in recent months. From food pantry drives to localized construction/improvement projects, the ministry is taking a more direct approach to offering a hand up to those — and there are so many right now — in need. Thank you, folks.


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