WVSTRONG: State park discount is a smart move

Last week, Gov. Jim Justice said he wanted to thank all the front-line heroes in the battle against COVID-19 by doing something nice for them. But, he noted, it is inevitable that any list of such occupations will leave someone off.

So the governor decided every West Virginian should receive a 30% discount on state park lodging, from June 1 to Aug. 31. If you’re interested, go to the wvstateparks.com website. Use the promo code WVSTRONG for your reservation.

“At the end of the day, all West Virginians have been heroes throughout these unusual times,” Justice said. “Because of the resiliency and strength you have shown, following the advice of our experts, our state has seen some of the lowest rates of COVID-19 cases in the country. You’re saving lives and we can never thank you enough.”

It’s a smart move, not only because it honors those who have worked so hard to keep us safe and secure over the past couple of months, but because it will — we hope –encourage Mountain State residents to visit our state’s treasures, and to truly unplug and unwind while the wild and wonderfulness of our state takes care of THEM for a little while.

Justice is right about leaving some category of person off the front-line heroes list, of course. There have simply been too many people going above and beyond as we fight COVID-19. Here’s hoping lots of them do take advantage of the break, though.

They’ve earned it.


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