Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To those in the professional service industries and other small businesses who are making tough decisions about how to best preserve their businesses and keep staff and customers safe. As they prepare to reopen soon, with masks, sanitation, parking lots as waiting rooms and plenty of other social distancing measures, they are stepping back into territory that is both familiar and a little frightening. They are also about to be bombarded by those seeking appointments, after weeks of being unable to do so. Thank you, folks, for taking these first steps for us.

DOWN: To news that President Trump’s allegedly sarcastic comments about ingesting disinfectant as a means of fighting COVID-19 were taken seriously enough by some folks that there were calls to poison control centers in the aftermath. As Dr. Elizabeth Scharman, director of the West Virginia Poison Center in Charleston put it, “We did get calls, not as many as New York or Maryland. That was good. We had people call FIRST.” Those in positions of authority must remember, to borrow a phrase from the Spider-Man comics, that “with great power comes great responsibility.” Among those responsibilities is to understand how your language will affect those depending on you for leadership and guidance.

UP: To the Cairo Volunteer Fire Department being able to purchase new equipment to handle water-related emergencies. Local donations meant the department could get three rescue helmets, a throwback and a throw rope which will aid in flood response and boating emergencies.


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