Hunger: Summer Food Service Program needs help

Though this summer will be like none before it, as we make our way through the best ways to reopen our economy while remaining vigilant for a potential second wave of COVID-19, one thing will remain the same: There will be children in our midst who are hungry.

West Virginia’s Summer Food Service Program does its best each year to make sure kids get at least breakfast and lunch throughout the summer weeks, but it needs help.

Department of Education officials are asking county boards of education, local government agencies and nonprofits to work together to make it happen again this year. But the pandemic has left those entities struggling to adapt. Nonprofits in particular are working overtime to meet the great need.

“We are grateful for those that have stepped up during the COVID-19 pandemic to help our schools feed children, but it is still vitally important that community partners and organizations participate in the Summer Food Service Program to ensure these supports continue through the summer months and that no child goes hungry,” said state Superintendent of Schools Clayton Burch.

It may not be as easy for them to do that this year. Not without a little extra support, anyway.

If you are part of an organization that can find a way, contact Cybele Boehm or Samantha Reeves with the Office of Child Nutrition at cboehm@k12.wv.us or snsnuffer@k12.wv.us, or by calling 304-558-3396.

If you have the means to give support to an organization that will be partnering with the program, please do so.

For Mountain State kids who feel secure and cared-for only at school, the past several weeks have been tough. The summer may be no different. The least we can do is make sure they have enough to eat.


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