Graduation: Wood County Schools deserves praise for plan

Wood County Schools has a smart plan in place for making sure this year’s high school seniors have at least a semblance of the end-of-year ceremony for which they were hoping as their public school careers end.

Student leaders pushed for graduation ceremonies to be held at the end of June, and officials agreed.

“I think that is very prudent,” said Superintendent Will Hosaflook. “It definitely gives a lot of hope because a lot of things can change in two months.”

Indeed the plan may have to call for outdoor ceremonies where attendance is limited. Other social distancing measures will likely be in effect. And it must be approved by the West Virginia Department of Education, Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department and the governor’s office. (Ohio’s governor has declared that high school graduation ceremonies will not be permitted if they amount to “mass gatherings.”)

There will be guidelines in place. They will not look like “normal” graduation ceremonies. But so what? These students’ senior year has been defined by finding a new normal. If anyone can handle marching into the next phase of their lives in a new way, these kids can.

Kudos to Wood County School officials for listening to the students and putting together a plan that gives them the pomp and circumstance they deserve without putting them in harm’s way.


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