Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To Dr. Clay Marsh, who has delivered thoughtful, measured, fact-based briefings that give West Virginians the information they need as we face this pandemic. Marsh is an important balance to Gov. Jim Justice’s (understandably) emotional approach to his press briefings. Marsh does not appear to be sugar-coating numbers, nor does he stoke panic. Excellent choice for our coronavirus czar, governor.

UP: To remote options being offered by mental health providers during this time of incredible anxiety and uncertainty for so many. As Jordan Granus, program director for St. Joseph’s Recovery Center, put it, “Everyone is feeling it.” Even better is that for those who do not have health insurance, the service is being offered free, as we all try to get through this challenging time with our emotional and mental wellbeing intact.

DOWN: To those who are still going out into the public — even working in the healthcare field — while experiencing symptoms or knowing they are infected with COVID-19. Nurses in more than one state have been reported as having either been forced to work while awaiting the results of a coronavirus test (in the case of a nurse from New York, she worked seven days in two different hospitals before test results confirmed she DID have the virus); or refusing to self-quarantine. While dedication to a job is admirable, endangering the public health is reprehensible.


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