Give Blood: Supplies are low; help if you can

As you consider the number of events and gathering that have been canceled as a result of COVID-19 guidelines and orders, remember that among that number have been several blood drives. That creates a big problem for those who depend on such donations for their very lives.

“Since shelter-in-place orders have been made, we’ve seen 1,300 blood drives canceled across the nation and need to fill up that void,” said Sharon Kesselring, executive director of the American Red Cross of Northwest West Virginia.

So the organization has made some changes, holding donation opportunities by appointment to maintain social distancing.

The American Red Cross Blood Donor App plays a big role in that, allowing people to find blood drives, schedule appointments and complete their medical history before arrival.

But we’ve all got to work together, be patient and follow the rules.

“We asked people to be patient with getting an appointment if spots fill up, because we need a steady stream of blood coming in, not all of it at once,” Kesselring said.

If you are eligible and able, please consider giving blood. Our healthcare workers are stressed enough right now without also having to worry about whether the supply of blood and blood products might run out as they carry on their life-saving work.

Help if you can.


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