Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To the City of Parkersburg, which was informed of no major issues or findings in its 2018-19 fiscal year audit. Mayor Tom Joyce is right. “I would think that the public should be pleased with the fact that it was a clean audit, there were no findings, which is rare when you consider the amount of financial activity with an organization this size and a budget of such scope,” he said. Kudos to those who helped make it happen.

DOWN: To those spreading entirely unfounded rumors on social media at a time like this. It is irresponsible and dangerous. Certainly our reporters are in no position to try to chase down every manufactured bit of drama to which we are alerted (though we often do our best, anyway). Folks, we are facing a difficult enough challenge without the added anxiety caused by those who pass on gossip they do not know to be true.

DOWN: To those hoarding necessities as they panic-shop and empty our stores’ shelves, leaving little behind for those who truly need it. Those who are hoarding for the sake of attempting to resell — and retailers looking for an opportunity to price gouge — deserve more than a thumbs down. They deserve criminal charges.

UP: To the many public officials who have found ways to use technology to keep their meetings open to the public without putting anyone’s health in danger. In fact, we are especially grateful to those who have alerted reporters to the best way to continue to cover their meetings, and who have made themselves available to us via non-traditional methods so that we can continue to deliver our communities’ news to our readers.


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