Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To the Parkersburg Utility Board for considering a change that would give bidding and purchasing preference to local vendors who are also water and/or sewer customers of the PUB. The revised policy would offer an additional 0.5% consideration to those customers. If approved, it would give “some preference to the person that’s actually paying our bills,” as PUB Manager Eric Bennett put it. While there is still work to be done before such a change is approved, the idea is sound.

UP: To Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 565 and its apprentices, who are providing fabrication and installation at no charge to replace old rails on the diving boards at Southwood Park pool. The project is a win-win, as it is saving the city a little money and giving the apprentices some experience. Thank you, folks.

UP: To Belpre Elementary School students who raised more than $2,700 to help with medical care for koalas hurt during recent wildfires in Australia. Though the project started with a goal of $600, it took only one week to raise more than four-times that amount, through a school-wide penny war. That’s right, just loose change collected every day from kids on a mission. Principal Lauren Keeling is right to be grateful her kids are absorbing the lessons that matter. “We can have a great impact on the world just by doing little tiny things every day,” she said.