Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To the Belpre Tree Commission, which works to help keep that city’s tree population healthy. Last year they planted 15 trees, but perhaps just as importantly, removed 10. Those willing to donate more than 230 hours of volunteer time to the effort perform an enormous service to the city. Upcoming work to build a rain garden near Civitan Park Pond and partner with the Ohio State University Extension to try to save the Holdren apple trees will continue to enhance a vital part of what makes Belpre so special.

UP: To organizers of last week’s annual Night to Shine event, put together with help from Warren Local Schools, Saint Ambrose Catholic Church and Porterfield Baptist Church in Little Hocking. The Tim Tebow Foundation’s Night to Shine celebrates special needs people in communities, and gives those folks an opportunity to get gussied up and go out — complete with a trip down the red carpet. It takes about 400 volunteers to pull off such an important celebration, and we are grateful to them all for what they do.

DOWN: To the rain, rain … and then a little more rain, which may be just a gloomy inconvenience for most folks in this part of the state, but which means the need to be on guard for more flooding in areas still experiencing challenges from years worth of flooding. Here’s hoping state agencies are ready to handle any need for assistance MUCH more efficiently and effectively than in years past.