New Beginning: May office holders show trust is justified

As is the case in many Mid-Ohio Valley communities this week, Belpre started the new year by swearing in new council members and selecting other office-holders.

It’s important to keep the ball rolling in matters like these.

“That’s why we do this on Jan. 1,” said city auditor Leslie Pittenger, “so we have a working government.”

Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are that, no matter the changes in personnel or ideology, such an event does not normally cause a devastating disruption to the many working governments in operation.

In Belpre’s case, Council President Larry Martin expressed a sentiment we hope will be true for all local council’s, commissions and boards in the coming year.

“We want to conduct this (work) for the best interest of the city to try and make this the best place we can,” he said.

The start of a new year is a good time for all those in local offices — not just Belpre — to remember you are in the seats to which you were elected because voters trusted you to the best thing for the communities you serve, not yourselves or your cronies.

Good luck to all of you in doing just that, in the year to come.


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