Make it Shine: Volunteer to give state a spring cleaning

Though it might be difficult to wrap our brains around the approach of spring during this cold and gloomy January, the state of West Virginia would like us to begin thinking about spring cleaning … the whole state.

West Virginia Make It Shine is searching for volunteers who can help clean up our state streams and public lands.

It is an important task, particularly as we hope to attract more visitors by touting our pristine outdoor spaces and myriad recreational opportunities.

“Dark and dusty” might make catchy lyrics to the Mountain State’s favorite song, but we’ve cleaned up our act quite a bit since those were written. Still, careless and thoughtless people have a difficult time breaking bad habits, and it it not uncommon to come upon a plastic bottle or snack wrapper while hiking one of our many beautiful trails … or a mattress or refrigerator dumped into one of our streams and visible to anyone trying to enjoy the view during a scenic drive.

Officials with the Make It Shine Spring Statewide Cleanup will provide resources such as cleanup materials, waste hauling and landfill fees to community groups that volunteer to participate.

If you are part of a group that is looking for community service activities, this is a good one. But applications must be in by March 1, and the cleanup must take place during the first two weeks of April. Our mountain mama didn’t make the mess herself, and she sure can’t clean it up.

Let’s get the job done so she can really shine in the spring.