Impeachment: Manchin, Capito must be impartial jurors

No doubt West Virginia’s U.S. senators, Republican Shelley Moore Capito and Democrat Joe Manchin, understood when they took office that they would be making critically important decisions, not just for our state but also for the nation, even the world, as a whole.

Neither may have imagined the positions they would be in this month, however. For only the third time in the nation’s history, the Senate is deliberating whether to remove a president of the United States.

Manchin and Capito, along with the 98 other senators, will be writing history during the next several days.

Both have vowed to objectively and fairly deal with the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. Though they are of opposite political parties, Mountain State residents are counting upon Capito and Manchin to provide Trump with a fair trial.

Both will be under enormous political pressure. Leaders of both their parties have made their expectations clear — and, frankly, both seem to desire that senators follow predetermined scripts.

That is not what West Virginians want, however — and we are counting on our two senators to throw party loyalty out the window and deliver simple justice.