Tiny Houses: Homeless veterans program deserves praise

It takes a different approach to tackle the issue of homelessness for a population that has needs as unique as those who have served our nation through the military. Vaughn Anderson, president of Operation Jackson County Homeless Veterans Inc., understands that. He is a combat veteran, too.

“A lot of vets don’t want to be found; that’s the whole purpose of this property being remote in the country,” he said, of the 17 acres of land that will eventually hold five tiny houses to serve as place for veterans to stay while they await permanent housing.

His hope is the solitude and peace of the property will be helpful, particularly to those with PTSD.

Anderson and his organization are doing something immensely important for a group of people to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude. Too many of them have found that, after serving their country, they truly could not go home again.

So, “(we) decided to built transitional homes to take them from the bad situation they’re in and put them there until they get into permanent housing somewhere,” Anderson said.

They can’t do it alone. With each home costing approximately $40,000 to build, there has been a need not just for donations, but volunteers who can build.

“This community has really stepped up to help,” Anderson said.

Kudos to those who are making a difference for homeless veterans in Jackson County. Let us hope the program sees success — and that perhaps the model will catch on in other communities.


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