Be Proud: Carson deserves praise for firefighter service

Not many have what it takes to dedicate their lives to serving and protecting others. Even fewer are willing to do that on a volunteer basis.

But Caitlin Carson, of Vienna, does so in a job that is not just difficult, it is dangerous.

She has certainly earned the honor of Firefighter of the Year for 2019 for the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department.

Remarkably, upon receiving the honor, Carson — who is a single mother — felt the need to explain that she had responded to “only” 50 calls last year. You see, in years past, she had responded to 100 and 125 calls. But that is not all she does for the department. She handles traffic control, participates in parades and safety days, and goes to local schools to teach fire safety.

Her work is important for many reasons.

“My daughter is 6,” she said, “and she thinks it is pretty cool that I am a firefighter. It is an honor to be able to be that kind of role model not only to her but to all young girls.”

Carson is right to be proud of her service — and the rest of the crew at the fire department.

We are grateful to her, and to all of them, for their willingness to do so much for the rest of us.


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