Red Kettles: Your donations help Salvation Army’s work

It’s that time of year — the red kettles are popping up everywhere; and the ringing of handbells becomes the soundtrack to our outings. Those bells will ring throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley until Dec. 24.

“Every day but Sunday,” said Parkersburg Salvation Army Maj. Patrick Richmond.

Money dropped into those kettles will support daily operations of the Salvation Army, the emergency shelter, transitional housing, feeding programs, social services and programs for youth, according to Richmond. The campaign is the organization’s major fundraiser.

Mid-Ohio Valley residents know how seriously the Salvation Army takes its motto “Doing the Most Good.” It truly is an organization that strives to be a good steward of the money it receives, and do the most it can for the people it serves.

While it may be tempting to offer an “I gave at the last store,” while rushing past those bell ringers, consider preparing for your outings by throwing a little extra change (or more) in your pockets, to be dropped in the kettles. Better still, throw in a coin or two for the children who might be shopping with you. Set an example by giving, and get them excited about the opportunity to put in some money themselves. It might be the start of a lifelong habit for them.

There are plenty of demands on our time and money this season. Don’t get caught up in the chaos and forget the spirit of the season. The folks ringing those bells aren’t out there just to help the Salvation Army do the most good. They provide a way for you to do so, too.


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