Hero: Pinkerton deserves praise for saving life

Parkersburg Fire Chief Jason Matthews said he was grateful someone was on scene before the fire department’s arrival, after Jo Pinkerton was able to help get a woman out of a house fire in time to save her life.

Surely Linda Carter, who has mobility issues and was calling out for help when Pinkerton heard her, is grateful, too.

It sounds as though a little divine intervention was at work, as Pinkerton credits the timing of having been a little late for work and therefore being in the area just in time to hear Carter’s calls. She also had talked with Carter enough in the past to know of her mobility issues, giving her a better understanding of the situation.

“The smoke was so thick I couldn’t see anything but her laying there,” Pinkerton said. But she said a little prayer.

“He gave me the strength to pull her out,” she said.

While Matthews was grateful, he pointed out anyone in a similar situation should make sure they have a way out before trying to get another person out of a building on fire; and he emphasized the importance of calling 911 immediately. (One of Pinkerton’s clients was able to do that for her.)

Though another person who was in the home did die, Pinkerton is a hero for being aware and brave enough to keep the death toll in the fire from being two. She deserves high praise and gratitude for her effort.