‘Good Water’: Vienna officials deserve praise for work

It took more than three years, but last week, Vienna was able to complete a project prompted by news in May 2016 that higher-than-acceptable levels of C8 had been detected in its well water.

Among the reasons for the amount of time needed was the construction of new carbon filter facilities for each well. Those carbon filters were supplied by Chemours; and the last two facilities — for wells 7 and 8 — are now in operation.

It was no easy task. Refurbishing of the two wells meant cleaning them, cleaning filter screens, new pumps, new control panel and a complete electrical system overhaul.

Because of the hard work of a lot of people, levels of C8 are now “undetectable” in Vienna drinking water.

In fact, “It is very, very good water, as good as you can get,” according to Mayor Randy Rapp.

Other improvements to the system include the ability to take one well field off line if there is a problem; and the new facilities are reportedly more efficient.

“The system has improved our capabilities immensely,” Rapp said.

Good for Vienna officials for taking advantage of Chemours’ supplied equipment, no matter the challenges or how long it took.

Vienna residents now have a better water system … and a little less to worry about.