WVSOP: Volunteers bring music to MOV

Volunteers bring music to MOV

Parkersburg may be “like their second home,” as West Virginia Symphony Orchestra — Parkersburg board of directors chairman Mary Ann Osborne put it, but the WVSOP delivers a first-class experience to music lovers here in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

For 32 years, WVSOP has left its Charleston base several times each season to give residents here their own up-close performances. That means more than concerts. There are lectures and youth concerts at our local schools, too.

Those who have heard orchestral music only in recorded form may believe they do not like or understand such music. A live performance or two might change their minds.

“It’s really intriguing to hear a live performance as opposed to a recording,” said audience member Marshall Griffin at Sunday’s season-opening performance at Blennerhassett Middle School.

Thanks to the hard work of folks like Osborne and the rest of the volunteers who make WVSOP possible, there’s a chance for anyone who is curious to find out, without having to travel very far.

Wood County fourth graders will get to go on a “Symphony Safari,” and other musical adventures, too. There is no substitute for live experiences for children learning about music.

Congratulations, then, on the start of another wonderful season; and kudos to everyone behind the scenes making it happen.


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