Volunteers: Downtown Ambassadors program needs your help

When our outstanding local nonprofit organizations band together in a common mission, wonderful things happen. In the case of the Downtown Ambassadors program, volunteers from Recovery Point, in a project coordinated by the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley and Downtown PKB, spent more than 270 hours cleaning up 175 bags of garbage in 79 city blocks. Now, organizers are hoping to expand the effort.

“It’s good for this community to see that these are people with strong skillsets,” said United Way Executive Director Stacy DeCicco. “I don’t know that they’ve been out a single day that they haven’t gotten some kind of random feedback, and it’s all been positive.”

Such a clean-up effort is vital, as the impression otherwise left by litter — a disheartening number of cigarette butts — and weeds does nothing to bolster the image we would like to present of our downtown. As Downtown PKB Executive Director Wendy Shriver pointed out, that kind of work would be left to city employees and business owners without the help of the Downtown Ambassadors.

And those ambassadors have a chance to do valuable work in which they can take great pride. It is difficult to know how much that means.

Organizers would like to expand the program, and anyone interested in volunteering can contact the United Way to find out more. If you are willing and able, do not miss this opportunity to be part of something very good that is happening for our community.


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