Community: Rivalries put aside to support Miller family

When young life is taken from us suddenly, it shakes us all — and we yearn to comfort one another.

Here in the Mid-Ohio Valley, our communities may indulge surface “rivalries” on the athletic field, but those imaginary differences disappear when someone is in need. A family and community in Roane County is very much in need right now, and as we always do, folks from across the state have answered the call.

When 17-year-old Alex Miller died Sept. 13 during the Roane County Raiders’ football game against Clay County, stunned grief was quickly translated into action by those searching for any way to lend support to Miller’s family and community. According to Angela Trammell, secretary of Ritchie County High School, $7, 646.54 was raised for the Miller family just in a three-hour period. Doddridge County hosted a vigil at its new stadium. Students from several local high school gathered to form Miller’s number 80 on a football field.

“We need to let them know we’re praying for them,” said Bambi Boring.

Tuesday was declared “Roane Raider Tuesday,” and people across the state wore Raider maroon simply as a way to show, in essence, their desire to pay tribute to Miller and support those in so much pain.

Most likely wish they could do more.

Our hearts go out to those who must find a way to carry on after the loss of such a young man.

We must live our lives working to be our very best, each day. Life is precious and uncertain. Comfort and support each other, and live it to the fullest.