Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To raw test scores that show (generally speaking) that Wood County Schools is improving in proficiency in most categories. According to Superintendent Will Hosaflook, the scores showed significant improvement from 2018 to 2019. The state will release results in September –tough interpretation of those results will likely do ALL counties more favors than the raw numbers themselves. In the meantime, however, congratulations to those in Wood County –administrators, teachers and students — who appear to have done the hard work necessary to make the grade.

UP: To officers from the St. Marys Police and Pleasants County Sheriff’s departments who found themselves wrangling an alligator on Middle Island Road earlier last week. Most average citizens understand they are not equipped to face what members of law enforcement see day in and day out. An alligator may be an unusual reminder of that, but it makes the point well. And, by the way, thumbs up, as well, to the arrangements to send the gator to the Mountain State Herpetological Society in Charleston and eventually to the Reptile Lagoon Sanctuary in South Carolina. It will likely feel much more at home a bit farther south.

UP: To Ripley and Ravenswood being added to the ranks of West Virginia municipalities under home rule. It is encouraging to see the growing number of communities that will have a chance to make their own opportunities and make their own choice about what is best for their residents.