Plenty of Good: Momma T and Warriors see opportunity to help

The term “community organizer” comes with a lot of baggage. Nevertheless, there is plenty of good to be said for someone who sees a need in his or her community, and organizes others to tackle the problem. In the case of Momma T and Warriors and their street ministry, this is no intellectual exercise.

Momma T, Teresa Racer, decided last fall, after the death of her husband, “If we can’t change lives, then we’re wasting our time.” So she gathered some like-minded volunteers and began serving food to the homeless. Last week, they kicked it up a notch and started cleaning and fixing the property of a woman who lives in the neighborhood with her children.

“We decided that obviously we want to do more than just set up and feed,” Racer said.

Judging by the work done on that single property, it is clear Momma T and the Warriors are capable of a LOT more.

But so are the rest of us. If a group with members as young as 8 can pull together that kind of project — and really, it is simply figuring out the best way to help people, and getting it done — many more could be doing the same.

“Whatever they need is what we’re going to go after, Racer said, of the people she hopes to help.

It is a refreshing take on giving people the hand up they need to get started in a new direction.

Certainly Racer’s group could use volunteers or contributions; but if a deeper desire to make a difference is stirring within you to help — maybe in your own community — one could do worse than taking cues from Momma T:

“(God) called us out here to change it, so we’ve got to change it all.”