Inspired: Young women show entrepreneurial spirit

Starting a business can be an intimidating idea. The thought of taking such a risk put the brakes on most people’s ambitions. But a group of young women from the Boys and Girls Club of Parkersburg might have a leg up on the competition, after participating last month in the Envision, Lead, Grow entrepreneurship immersion program.

A one-week program at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va., was just the start, as the nine who returned to Parkersburg are now being paired with local mentors who will meet with them twice a month to help further develop their ideas. One wants to open a bakery, another hopes to create a business with a philanthropy focus, another wants to use her sewing skills to create products for animals … which she would then sell in the veterinary clinic she hopes to open one day.

Those are some big goals — and not just because they come from young women living in the Mid-Ohio Valley. They are big goals for anyone — and the thought would send most of us running.

Not these young women, though.

“They call these girls ‘girl bosses,'” said Cyndi Auth, director of programs for the Boys and Girls Club of Parkersburg. “We’ll show you what it takes to turn your passion into something incredible. It will require planning, dedication and heart. Is it worth the effort? Absolutely.”

It is a challenge and risk these young women are meeting head-on, and we are eager to see their success.