Good Deed: Vickers deserves praise for aiding National Guardsman

Vickers deserves praise for aiding National Guardsman

Gov. Jim Justice should proclaim that Charlene Vickers an honorary West Virginian. The Philadelphia-area woman has earned it by reminding us that while the news often is dominated by sick, evil human beings, we live among some truly kind-hearted neighbors.

You may have heard the story of West Virginia National Guard Sgt. Seth Craven, originally reported by MetroNews. Craven has been serving our nation in Kabul, Afghanistan. His wife was scheduled to give birth to their child earlier this month, and Craven, 26, was granted leave to get home to Charleston for the happy event.

Everything went well until he reached Philadelphia, where flight cancellations left him stranded. There were no rental cars available at the airport last Thursday.

Craven wasn’t going to make it in time.

Then Vickers, a health care executive, heard of his plight. She and two colleagues were supposed to be in Charleston for an event last Friday. Airline problems delayed them, too. They decided to make the eight-hour drive in Vickers’ car.

The three women invited Craven to join them.

He made it in time to see his son born. Mother and new baby are doing well.

And Vickers has reminded us –it’s an important reminder, too, in Craven’s words, that “there are nice people out there.”