Night Out: Event brings kids, law enforcement together

Many children grow up understanding the law enforcement officers in their community are there to serve and protect them. Officers are on THEIR side — their friends.

But for some kids it take a little more to communicate that relationship, and events such as the upcoming National Night Out Aug. 6 provide that extra step.

“The goal is to bring law enforcement and the community together to build relationships, positive relationships,” said Debbie Jeffrey, coordinator for the Parkersburg event, which will take place at the splash pad in City Park.

Events will also take place in Lubeck, St. Marys and Glenville. The sentiment is the same all around.

“I’m trying to get the community, especially the younger community (members), familiar with law enforcement,” said Glenville Mayor Dennis Fitzpatrick.

In Lubeck, it will be members of the Lubeck Volunteer Fire Department giving a glimpse into what the department does for the community. And in St. Marys, officers from the police department and the Pleasants County sheriff’s department will be spending time letting the kids get to know them.

Games, treats, a chance to meet some of the K-9 officers, and just a chance to see the human side of some of our communities’ heroes — its a night out kids will not want to miss. Families should take advantage of the opportunity to help kids understand law enforcement officers — tough as their job may be — are the good guys, and they are an important part of the community they protect.