Challenge: State troopers set high bar to find the best

For 100 years, West Virginia state troopers have served and protected us, despite facing daily hazards difficult for most of us to understand. Certainly their job has not gotten any easier in recent years.

But rather than seeing that kind of stress and risk as a deterrent, officials are likely hoping it sparks a sense of responsibility in some — that it serves as a call to action.

“We represent the state of West Virginia. I believe we represent the culture and the beliefs of the state and the citizens of the state of West Virginia,” said Sgt. Lonnie Carpenter of the West Virginia State Police.

There is an opportunity for a new class of cadets to join those ranks. Most West Virginia employers will tell you how hard it is to find good help these days. And the state police are not looking for just any job-seeker.

“The background investigation is pretty extensive. Once you are done with that you go to a medical and psychological review and if you can pass all of that, which takes about 4 to 5 months, you can be selected for the cadet class,” Carpenter told another media outlet. “Once you are selected for the cadet class you will be given a date for when you start the academy. On that date you will be sworn in. Once you show up, you have to show up, you show up you’ll be sworn in and you’ll start a 25 week process of becoming a West Virginia State Trooper. It’s not easy and it’s not supposed to be easy.”

In fact, Carpenter added to the challenge that some folks will have to “get off the couch” to consider becoming a state trooper. We hope plenty of people will answer the call.

It sounds like a tough way to get a job. But we’re guessing the right men and women for it wouldn’t have it any other way.