Veterans: Volunteers needed to give transportation

Last month, we Americans paid homage to those who gave their lives for our nation. Within a few weeks, some military veterans who survived their service will need our help.

There is no better way to honor them than by providing it. Many veterans who need medical care at Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals and clinics cannot drive themselves. Some cannot rely on friends or relatives to transport them.

For a few years, West Virginia state government paid drivers to transport veterans. Financial constraints will end that program July 1.

Volunteers are needed by the Disabled American Veterans organization to keep the transportation system going. They must be 21 years of age or older, insured or insurable, and must pass physical and background checks.

If you are interested, contact the VA hospital or clinic (including one right here in Parkersburg) to which you are willing to transport veterans. Or, if you know a veteran who needs the help, just offer to provide it.

Approximately 8 percent of West Virginia’s population are veterans of military service. They have given more of themselves for the wellbeing and freedom of the rest of us than most folks can imagine.

Take a veteran for a ride. Surely we can do at least that much for them.