Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To Ellie Mommessin, 17, of Girl Scout Troop 1063 in Vienna, who is working on easy ways to help local pollinators — bees, butterflies and bats — increase their population … and do good things for us, in turn. “I wanted to do my part to help,” Mommessin said, after the completion of her pollination garden at McDonough Park last weekend. She’s done a great deal more than that, and the rest of us can take a page from her attitude that there really are easy ways to make a difference, if we will just decide to do them.

UP: To a judgment by the West Virginia state Supreme Court of Appeals that EQT Corp. must pay $190,000 in damages for violating a lease signed in 1901 that limited drilling for natural gas on the property to vertical wells. EQT was violating the original terms by using other property to retrieve minerals from those neighboring leases, according to the plaintiffs. It is important companies be held accountable for treating fairly those living on the land from which EQT and other companies are extracting such enormous wealth.

UP: To those working on Wood County Schools next 10-year facilities plan. They have already shown fortitude that was not evident in previous boards and administrations. But it must not stop there. A plan is one thing. Carrying out is something very different. Declining student population cannot be ignored, nor can good money continue to be thrown after bad; and the current crop of officials appears to understand that. Best of luck, folks.


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