Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To Wood County Board of Education members — and all the members of the dental committee who worked on recommended changes — for approving the alteration of the district’s employee dental plan that will save the school system nearly $650,000 a year. It is not easy to correct the mistakes of the past, once people have become accustomed to them.

DOWN: To Ohio’s continued failure to address its school funding formula. A revised forecast for Belpre City Schools shows that, despite spending cuts, by 2024 the district will again be outspending its revenue. Some of the blame for that impending challenge falls on the state for having eliminated property taxes on the district’s chemical plants, but continuing to list Belpre as a “wealthy” school system because of its tax base.

UP: To Tyler Consolidated High School senior Emily Lancaster, who received this year’s Adam R. Kelly Memorial Scholarship Award. Lancaster plans to attend West Liberty University to study criminal justice, and later to join the Marine Reserves, eventually leading to a career in law enforcement. Lancaster is already a proven leader — and a record-holding pole vaulter — whose selection as this year’s recipient for the award would have done the Country Editor proud.