Good Luck: Rileys had positive impact on community

Parkersburg Area residents may not always have been aware of the hard work — day in and day out — put in by Salvation Army Majs. Matt and Cathy Riley, but those who have been given a helping hand as the Rileys carried out the mission to “do the most good” certainly knew.

Now the Rileys are headed to Virginia, as a Salvation Army calling includes a willingness to move, and move often.

They leave behind improvements at both the shelter and thrift store … and in the lives of many for whom they made a difference.

“Helping people get up is the greatest thing, and it doesn’t get old,” said Matt Riley. “You help them stand when they didn’t think they were going to get up.”

Certainly we live in a community that has always generously supported the Salvation Army’s mission, and the Rileys’ tenure was no different.

“The community here supported us tremendously,” Matt Riley said.

With good reason, of course; and the folks in Hampton Roads, Va., will surely do the same.

We look forward to watching Capt. Patrick and Maj. Carey Richmond build on the work that has been done.

And we thank the Rileys for their service to our communities, and hope they leave knowing how much good they did.


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