Bee City: Get buzzed for Williamstown project

We already know Williamstown loves its Yellowjackets. But the city is looking to provide a better habitat for all bees, and residents can help.

City Council is working toward passage of an ordinance to certify Williamstown as a Bee City U.S.A. community. That part is more a formality to help bring in resources to educate.

“I want this to be informational to the students and residents, to help kids be less afraid of them and how to help them thrive,” said Council member Marty Seufer.

Certainly the idea dovetails well with the city’s established Tree City status, and there is infrastructure in place with the Tree City committee to help volunteers interested in forming a Bee City committee get their feet on the ground.

“We could team up with our Tree City group to help increase the number of native trees, so that our native bees and other pollinators can have abundant native pollen,” Seufer said.

But there’s more to becoming a vibrant bee habitat than the trees, and it will take people willing to do a little work to make that happen.

Get on board. Call the city clerk’s office to see what the buzz is all about.

It is one more way Williamstown is proving how important it is to pass down a healthy environment — and that what we do to help the trees and bees (and much more) will help us all.


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