West Virginia Invests: New initiative is worthy use of taxpayer money

A new program approved just last winter by West Virginia legislators is up and running. Good for state officials for not letting it get bogged down in bureaucratic red tape of the kind that often delays implementation of new programs.

The initiative, West Virginia Invests, will pay community and technical college tuition and fees for eligible students. One key to it is students getting the grants must have exhausted other sources of help, including state and federal programs.

Participants also must pass regular drug tests and agree to remain in West Virginia for two years after getting their degrees.

If you are interested, check the program out on its website, wvinvests.org. A program like this works only if potential students begin to take advantage of it.

It is a true, long-term investment in the futures of Mountain State young people — and the state, itself. It is hoped that when our best and brightest receive more complete educations here at home, employers will take notice. It may make sense to them to locate in a state that is doing something not only to educate its workforce, but to encourage that workforce to stick around a while.

As such, it is taxpayers’ money spent very well.


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