Get Flu Shots: Vaccinations protect the people around you

If you managed to get into the new year without suffering through a case of influenza, even though you haven’t been vaccinated against the virus, congratulations.

Now, go get that shot. The most dangerous part of the flu season lies ahead. Many school systems consider the return from the holiday break to be the official start of the flu season.

Flu activity began tracking upward in mid-December and will peak later this month, according to Ohio Department of Health analysts. Already, 125 people in the Buckeye State have required hospitalization for flu-related illnesses.

In West Virginia, the flu may be worse than in previous years. State Department of Health and Human Resources officials report that in late December, they already were receiving reports of about 125 new cases each week.

Flu shots can keep recipients from contracting some varieties of the disease. Even for strains not covered, vaccination can lessen the severity of illness.

Flu shots can be obtained in many places, including doctors’ offices and many pharmacies. Often, they are covered by insurance.

If you are feeling pretty confident about your chances of getting through a bout with the flu, consider this: What about those with whom you come in contact, especially children and older people? Flu can be deadly to them.

Don’t put it off any longer. Go get that flu shot before you or someone you love gets sick — perhaps desperately so.


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