United Way: Step up and make a difference

Each year, the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley kicks off a campaign to remind us, “We can’t fight alone.”

But this year, Executive Director Stacy DeCicco shook things up a bit. Local residents are used to seeing a monetary goal accompany the start of that campaign. This year, the goal is bigger than that.

With “Embrace Your Inner Hero,” the “goal is for an impact for the dollar donated,” DeCicco said. “The goal is to see a measurable change to be able to identify progress.”

Board Chairman Robert Fehrenbacher put a finer point on it. “The hero does something most don’t think about possibly doing or don’t want to do,” he said. ” … People seize the opportunity to be heroic and do things to make a difference to their community.”

Folks, the United Way and its 80 local partner agencies make a huge difference in our community every day.

And, while the reminder to “find your own cape” is an important one, the fact is they are able to make that difference because the Mid-Ohio Valley is filled with generous people who give of their money — many times when they are just scraping by, themselves — in addition to their time and elbow grease.

Do not let the absence of a financial goal fool you. If you are wondering whether the United Way and its partner agencies still need your financial help, the answer is Yes! Keep giving.

This year, the difference is this year you are also being asked to consider how YOU can be a larger part of creating positive change. Yes, you.

The United Way can’t fight alone, and they don’t have to. Step up –find your cape — and show it.


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