Football: Enjoy the game, but do not ruin the fun

It’s back! That wonderful time of year when the sound of marching bands warming up, cheerleaders shouting and clapping and popcorn makers firing up at the concession stands signal our local high school football teams are about to return to their fields under the Friday (or Saturday) night lights.

For most Mid-Ohio Valley residents this is a time of fun, camaraderie and a little good-natured rivalry.

A few will take it too far, however, and ruin the experience for everyone else.

Adults in the stands, take a moment to remember, before that first play, that those are kids out there on that field. They are playing their hardest, trying their best because they love the game — and it IS a game.

Further, those folks in stripes? They are trying their best, too. They do not have eyes in the backs of their heads, and they probably do not have an agenda, either. They are just doing their jobs because they, too, love the game.

Those other fans watching the game — the ones cheering for a different team from you? They not only love the game, but the family members in the stands love their kids, too. They and their children on the field may be wearing a different color from you and yours, but they are not your enemy.

It IS possible to enjoy watching a football game while behaving like a responsible adult. In fact, given that those kids on the field and in the stands are watching your every move — modeling their behavior and attitude after yours — it is essential.

Football season has returned, and the Mid-Ohio Valley is ready. Get your mindset in check before you walk through those gates so that you –and everyone around you — can truly enjoy the game.


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