Redefine: Kudos to ad campaign for responsible drinking

Despite television, movies and an aggressive effort by alcoholic beverage companies to target younger folks by insisting a good time is not a good time until someone breaks out the drinks, most adults reach a point in their lives where they realize alcohol is not necessary for leading a fun, exciting life.

An Ohio Division of Liquor Control campaign is designed to help that message sink in much earlier — to “Redefine” the link between alcohol and fun. The campaign is meant to target underage drinkers and those of legal age who binge drink.

“While we’re in the regulatory business of permitting alcohol sales and we’re the biggest retailer of high-proof spirits, we just feel a responsibility to make sure that [drinking is] done responsibly and according to the law,” explained Division of Liquor Control Superintendent Jim Canepa.

Good for them.

And good for them for choosing an approach that does not come across as preachy or, well, un-fun.

RedefineOhio.org and its accompanying social media accounts feature messages such as “Redefine: Hangover,” with an image of a person swinging upside down over a body of water; “Redefine: Shots,” with an image of a person dunking a basketball; or “Redefine: Memorable,” with a person who appears to be hiking through a gorgeous desert scene at sunset.

“Question the status quo,” the site says. The DLC appears to have done that, and designers of the campaign should be commended for the effort.

Here’s hoping it makes a difference.


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