United Way: Organization worthy of your donations

As the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley kicked off its annual fundraising campaign this week, Executive Director Stacy DeCicco talked about the challenge that comes in trying to raise money amid difficult economic conditions.

“When that happens, that’s when the community needs us most,” she explained; but as was the case last year, it can mean there is less money being donated because caution has set in.

In fact, the United Way dialed back its goal this year, after falling $126,000 short of its goal during last year’s campaign. This year, Campaign Chairman Aaron Stone says the organization is “very confident that we are going to hit” the $775,000 goal.

In 10 local counties, the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley and its 40 partner agencies do an incredible amount of good with the help of the money donated by people like you. Certainly there is a Pacesetters Club made up of donors who have given at least $500 during a campaign, but huge sums of money are raised by the $5 here and $10 there that comes from people who may have a little less to give, but no less desire to help.

As much as the United Way needs Pacesetters, it needs ordinary folks willing to reach into their pockets and give what they can, so that it can be added to the gifts of others who were able to give a little until it becomes something big.

If we can do that, folks, $775,000 will be in the rear-view mirror.


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