Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following property transfers were recorded by the Wood County Clerk:

March 21

* Charles D. Wells Jr, to Jonathan Lee Dyer, and Sarah G. Dyer, TCT 89.12-A Secondary 17/10, Harris District, $178,240.

* Norman R. Little, and Dolores J. Little, to Britton Wasmer, TCT 16.666-A & R/WS, Parkersburg District, $35,000.

* Benjamin J. Kuhlman AKA Benjamin K. Kuhlman, to Christian A. Collins, LOT 117 North Hills Estates & LOT, North Hills District, $30,000.

* Rebecca Yocum Executrix, Sharon Sue Phillips Estate Of, Garnet L. Wright Indirect, and Paul D. Wright Indirect, to John Iammarino, PT LOT 5 McCormick ADN, Parkersburg District, $81,500.

* GAC Property Management LLC, to Miranda Glenne Prusack, LOT 4 Springdale Heights ADN, Parkersburg District, $181,000.

* Judith Shawver, and Jerry L. Shawver Indirect, to Jeremy W. Cayton, and Amy N. Cayton, TCT 0.66-A & TCT & R/W, Lubeck District, $288,000

* Daniel C. Morikone & Attorney, and Valerie S. Morikone Indirect, to Nathan J. Ford, and Abby T. Ford, LOT 13 Gallovilla S/D & ALL INT R/W, Union District, $389,000.

* Derek Lucas Smith, and Paige Smith, to Justin M. Blankenship, LOTS 204 & 206 & PTS LOT 205 Extension North Hills & PT LOTS 115 & 116 North Hills, North Hills District, $300,000

* Dwayne A. Tuley, to Jeromy Scott Elson, and Karinne M. Elson, LOTS 180 & 181 Allotment #2 Avalon ADN, Vienna District, $181,000.

* Brett Barker, and Kelli Barker, to Meleah Raymond, LOT 20-A & LOT 3-A Briscoe Run Less Exception, Williams District, $32,500.

* Aaron Landon Wright, and Jena Marie Wright, to Tammy Lemley, LOT 4 B-1 County Rd., Williams District, $60,000.

* Robert S. Flinn, Linda J. Flinn, and Flinn Properties LLC, to Austin Sprouse, and Katelyn Sprouse, LOT 47 Amended Plat Laurel Terrace ADN, Parkersburg District, Consideration: Exempt.

* Paul M. Dill, and Leesa K. Dill, to Paul M. Dill, and Leesa K. Dill, TCT 2,32-A & TCT 95.3099-A Wadesville Road Less Exception – TCT 18.87-A – TCT 18.89-A – TCT 37.63-A, Harris District, Consideration: Exempt.

* Christopher T. Newell, and Mary L. Newell, to Christopher T. Newell, and Mary L. Newell, LOT Lincoln Ave. & TCT O Brookside ADN, Parkersburg District, Consideration: Exempt.

* CH@Still Union Church, to David J. Naylor, and Remona F. Naylor, ALL INT TCT 2-A 4-P, Walker District, Consideration: Exempt.

* Gary W. Traugh, to Blenn Haven LLC, PT LOTS 57 &58 & PT LOTS 56 & 57 Children’s Home ADN, Parkersburg District, Consideration: Exempt.

March 22

* Easement – Mark L. Mollohan, and Anita C. Mollohan, to Hope Gas Inc DBA, and Dominion Energy West Virginia, Across TCT Ralston Hill Road.

* Iva Jean McKinley & Executor, Nina Mae Smith, Frankie E. Smith, and Iven Edward Smith Indirect, to Calvin E. McCune, and Kristy L. McCune, TCT Old Elizabeth Turnpike & Easement & R/W, Slate District, $180,000.

* Stephen A. Corra Trust, Dianne E. Brown, Michael A. Corra & Trustee, and Barbara Fligor & Trustee, LOT 1.0472-A Broad St., & R/W & Easement Less R/W/ W/Exhibits, Parkersburg District, $200,000.

* Small Estate Intestate – Appraisments, James Edward Miller Jr. Deceased, to Dave Miller, and Mike Miller.

* Charles B. Williams Jr., and Julie K. Williams, to Charles B. Williams Jr., TCT 3.461-A & R/W, Lubeck District, Consideration: Exempt.

* Charles Benjamin Williams Jr., and Julie Kay Williams, to Charles Benjamin Williams Jr., TCT 70-A 98-Perches Woodyard Rd. Less Exceptions Lubeck District, Consideration: Exempt.

* Olivia Dawn Miller, and Sherry D. Shuman Indirect, to Tommy J. Robertson Jr., and Tonya L. Robertson, LOT 10 Section B Parkland Development Inc A & B, Vienna District, $185,000.

* Joshua R. Parsons, to Joshua Ray Parsons, and Christina Dawn Parsons, PT LOT 9 Block 12 Parkersburg Industrial Companies Edgewater ADN 2, Parkersburg District, Consideration: Exempt.

* George Y. Chandler Special Commissioner, Joseph Lamp AKA Indirect, and Joseph Alan Lamp Indirect, to Kelly Huff AKA Kelly Marie Lamp Huff, ALL INT LOT 121 Fairplains ADN NO 1, Parkersburg District, Consideration: Exempt.

* Small Real Estate – Will – Latricia Ann Sadler Deceased, to Valerie Ann Lemon, Laura Jean Amos AKA, William Clifford Sadler, and Louise Jean Amos.

* Kasey M. Nolan FKA Kasey M. Tefft, to Amanda Mathess, and Richard Mathess, LOT 8 & PT LOT 9 Lyons ADN, Parkersburg District, $75,000.

* Sherry J. Burdette FKA Sherry Myers, to Sherry J. Burdette, and Jonathan R. Casto, TCT 81.615-A Kesterson Road, Lubeck District, Consideration: Exempt.

* Lora Lee Wells, to Patrick Marcinek, ALL INT LOT 66 Brierwood S/D, Williams District, Consideration: Exempt.

* Small Estate Intestate – Appraisments – Wiley Gene Westfall Deceased, to Janet Westfall, 06-Slate District Map/Parcel: 300/00S2000.

March 23

* Caren S. Edwards, Jeffrey Edwards, and Joseph A. Scott Indirect, to Jennifer Browning Brooks, and David Michael Brooks, LOT 4 Nohe ADN, Vienna District, $151,000.

* Nancy Helen Cornes, and Richard F. Eberhardt Indirect, to Nancy Helen Cornes, Christina A. Keller, and Joyce A. Boone Life Estate, 2 LOTS Spring Street, Parkersburg District, Consideration: Exempt.

* Marvin Ray Whipkey II, and Angela D. Whipkey, to Marvin R. Whipkey II, and Trina Caplinger, ALL Undivided INT LOTS 103, 104 & 105 Glen O Evans ADN Happy Valley S/D NO 2 Less Exception, Clay District, Consideration: Exempt

* Dusty L. Sullivan, and Amy M. Sullivan, to Timmy D. Wilson, TCT 2-A & R/W Less Exception, Parkersburg District, $150,000.

* West Virginia RNE LLC, to Incommercial Net lease DST 5, TCT 2-A WV ST RT 47 & Easement, Clay District, $1,650,000.

* James R. Leach, and Joanna C. Leach, to Jeffrey A. Wolfe, and Tina M. Wolfe, LOTS 22, 23, & 24 Dudley & Sons ADN, Vienna District, $250,000.

* Cecilia Norman AKA C. Norman, to Donna J. Smith, and Michael Barker, LOT 35 Vienna IMP COS ADN, Vienna District, $30,000.

* Mark E. Allen, and Lorraine E. Allen, to Mark E. Allen, and Lorraine E. Allen, TCT 0.426-A & Easement & R/W, Clay District, $65,000.

* Edith L. Jones, and Francis Lee Jones Indirect, to Kenneth L. Britton, and Misty D. Britton, PT LOT 27 Highlawn ADN, Parkersburg District, Consideration: Exempt.

* Kenneth L. Britton, and Misty D. Britton, to Edith L. Jones, Kenneth L. Britton, and Misty D. Britton, TCT 53/100-A Core Rd, Parkersburg District, Consideration: Exempt.

March 24

* Small Estate Intestate – Appraisments, Carolyn Ann Kelley Deceased, to Veronica Kelley, Jeff Kelley, and Webb Kelley.

* Steven D. Haguewood, and Jeannie A. Haguewood, to Deanna Tanner, and Kevin Tanner, TCT 3.511-A Buckner Bend Rd, Clay District, $382,000.

* Paul Day, and Shawtay Day, to Morgan R. Simmons, LOT 55 Section B East Vienna Gardens, Vienna District, $129,000.

* Easement – Ronald D.Miller, to Mineral Wells Public Service District, Across TCT Clay District D/B 1160/972 W/Plat.

* Matthew L. Reese, and Karmyn C. Reese, to Matthew L. Reese, and Karmyn C. Reese, LOTS 195, 196, 197, 198, 199, 200, 233 & 238 Franklin’s Place ADN, Parkersburg District, Consideration: Exempt.


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