Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following property transfers were recently recorded at the Wood County Clerk’s Office:

* U.S. Bank National Association, to Raphael Vargas, ALL INT PT LOT 38 Kemper Place ADN, City of Parkersburg, $20,000.

* Sandra Fay Tice, to Terrell Land and Buildings LLC, ALL INT 1/16 INT TCT 25-A TCT 13-A & P TCT 40-A & ALL INT OGMS, Slate District, $2,500.

* Timmy R. Williams, Richard A. Williams, and Michael W. Williams, to Henry E. Jackson, and Teresa L. Jackson, LOT 4 Alma Rohrer ADN, Vienna, $110,000.

* Ronald D. Miller, to Carol Williams Trust, and Carol Webb Trustee, TCT 0.3745-A & R/W’s W/ Plat, Clay District, $30,000.

* Sewell Associates LLC, to Salem Service Corporation, PT LOTS 54 & 55 South Parkersburg ADN & TCT Fifth Ave. & LOTS 51, 52, 53 & PT LOT 54 F, City of Parkersburg, $809,709.

* Daryl P. Cobranchi, and Lydia R. Cobranchi, to Allison Lindsey Sayre, LOT Market Street, City of Parkersburg, $290,000.

* Eddy G. Goodnight, and Marcia S. Goodnight, to Jeal Rentals LLC, PT LOT 76 Staunton Pike ADN, City of Parkersburg, $56,000.

* Lou Ann Hamrick, to TJS Group Properties LLC, LOT Norwood Ave, City of Parkersburg, $31,420.

* Aimee J. Phillips, and Kevin J. Phillips, to Sarah Robinson, LOT 24 Allotment NO 2 Rayon Park ADN, City of Parkersburg, $87,500.

* Ryan M. Stefan, to Lesley A. Sutton, LOT 64 Roselawn ADN, Vienna, $76,000.

* Geoffrey Cullum, and Lisa Cullum, to James M. Leach, and Alexis H. Leach, TCT 1.006-A Kellar Lake, Williams District, $153,000.

* Stillwater Properties LLC, to Jeal Rentals LLC, LOT Eighty Seven Staunton Pike ADN, City of Parkersburg, $55,000.

* Sharon Kay Dawson, to Sabrina May, and Aven Sizemore Jr., LOT Cypress Street, City of Parkersburg, $20,000.

* Michael J. Kunk, and Francesca Kunk, to Eric Thacker Trustee, Phillip Ho Trustee, and Thacker Ho Living Trust, LOTS 20 & 20 J.W. Dils Heirs ADN NO 2, City of Parkersburg, $565,000.

* Margaret N. Gnegy, to Joshua A. Hendrix, and Sarah M. Hendrix, TCT 4-A W/ Exhibit & R/W, Williams District, $60,000.

* Stephanie M. Arnold, Gregory T. Maybury, and Myrna Y. Maybury Indirect, to Tina R. Rager, TCT 41.39-A Waverly Road Less Exception, Union District, $20,000.

* David Kanalz, Mary Lee Bustcher Indirect, and Johannette R. Kanalz Indirect, to William A. Walker, and Betty J. Walker, LOT City of Parkersburg, Parkersburg District, $69,000.

* Daniel Smith, to Pike Street Cleaning and Supply Inc, LOT 222 Block 27 Leeds, City of Parkersburg, $5,000.

* Andrew B. Treat, to Allison Burchard, LOT 93 Woodhurst ADN Block 1, City of Parkersburg, $155,000.

* Christopher S. Kidd, to Jetlag LLC, ALL INT LOT 1 J.G. Merrill’s S/D P.I. Co’s Fairplains # 3, City of Parkersburg, $53,000.

* Peggy Carol Hendricks, to Kathryn E. Hayhurst, LOT 48 Fairplains ADN #3, City of Parkersburg, $20,000.

* Erica Longwell NKA Erica Winters, LOT 183 Section 3 Brierwood S/D, Williams District, $15,000.

* Krista A. Harris NKA Krista A. Calder, to Loren M. Cullum, and Lisa Cullum, TCT 1.101-A Sunnyview Drive & R/W Less R/W, Williams District, $10,000.


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