Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The Following property transfers were recorded by the Wood County Clerk.

* Christopher R. Campbell, and Rita A. Campbell, to Harry J. Lake, and Megan R. Lake, LOTS 11 & 15 Brentwood Extension, North Hills, $44,000.

* Deirdre Selene Prince Executrix, and Lyman Gregory Prince Estate of, to Triple J. Rentals LLC, LOT 17 Jameson’s ADN, City of Parkersburg, $5,000.

* Terry Michael Ingram & Attorney, and Maria A. Ingram Indirect, to Travis W. Ours, and Carol R. Ours, TCT 2 1/2 -A & R/WS Less OGM’S, Clay District, $135,000.

* Lorie Ann Meadows Executrix, and Ronald Edward Garrison Estate Of, to Nyoka S. Northover, Unit 1-104 Fields at Little Run Condominium ADN Phase 1 $ Flexible INT Common, Williamstown, $250,000.

* Tanner Family Trust, Jane Ann Nizza Co-Trustee, Shelly Melissa Harvey Co-Trustee, George W. MIller Indirect, and Margaret Jane Miller Indirect, to Raemyn Y. Conley, LOT Grand Central Ave, Vienna, $145,000.

* Kathryn J. Lemon, and Lloyd L. Lemon Indirect, to Dylan Lemon, TCT 12.80-A Elizabeth Pike W/ Plat, Slate District, $12,000.

* J & W Homes LLC, to Joshua Chichester, and Amanda Chichester, LOT 226 A.C. Stephenson’s Estate & PT LOT 227 A.C. Stephenson’s S/D, City of Parkersburg, $40,000.

* Jimmie L. Grimes, to Martin Polan, and Kimberly Polan, TCT 0.58-A Loomis Ridge Road & TCT 5.13-A & TCT 1.04-A Less OGM’S & R/WS, Clay District, $20,000.

* Troy Haynes, to Beechwood Land Group, LOT 58 S.S. Anderson ADN, City of Parkersburg, $1,000

* Gerald Lee Florence, to Abraham W. Cressey, TCT Spring Street, City of Parkersburg, $3,000.

* Douglas E. Tingler, Melissa Dawn Dameff FKA Melissa Dawn Leep, to Kenneth L. Britton, and Misty D. Britton, TCT 53/100-A Core Road & LOT 27 Highlawn ADN, City of Parkersburg, $5,000.

* Aaron C. Jarvis, and Natisha L. Jarvis, to Paul White Jr, and Kimberly S. White, LOT 34 Woodland Falls Area #2, Union District, $275,000.

* Jason Deem, to Raphael Vargas, LOT 10 Mt. Pleasant Estates, Slate District, $52,000.

* Judith Dils Crichton, to William Walldeck, and Dana Morris, LOT Ninth St., City of Parkersburg, $110,000.

* Paul D. Whited, Dottie Whited, and Delpert P. Whited AKA, to Martin L. Carpenter, and Shauna Carpenter, TCT 0.27-A Joy Street, Tygart District, $50,000.

* Richard A. Prince, and Charles E. Prince, to Kelli A. Barton, LOT West 4 1/2 -A Street and Park Avenue & LOT, Williamstown, $187,000.

* Ricky L. Wilson, and Constance M. Wilson, to Merrill B. Marley, TCT 0.374-A & TCT 0.59-A Less Exception, Tygart District, $255,000.

* Russell E. Richardson, to Billy Bell, LOTS 13 & 14 Sunrise ADN NO 2, City of Parkersburg, $15,000.

* Jacob B. Hoschar, to David Cavins, and Tessa Williams, LOT 118 Gihon ADN #2, City of Parkersburg, $160,000.

* PPR Cairo LLC, to Troy Ramsey, LOT 33 Oak Park ADN, City of Parkersburg, $139,000.

* Gaynelle Ann Lynch, and Bradley H. Layne, to Kathryn M. Hubley, and Austin A. Richards, LOTS 4 & 5 Victoria Ave. Less Exception, Williamstown, $185,000.

* Garnette A. Plumley Revocable Living Trust, to Tammy L. Miracle, Part Units 7 & 8 Hamlet Close ADN & R/W, City of Parkersburg, 305,000.

* Casey D. Williams, Emily Hertz AKA Emily Williams, to Robert Meeks, and Lillian Pyles, LOT 2 Paradise Village #3, Lubeck, $140,000.

* Samuel P. Maze, to Joseph F. Griffin, Unit 1 North Ridge Terrace Condominium ALL INT Common Elements, Williams District, $175,000.

* Five-Star Investment Group LLC, to Kelsey P. Ryan, and Lunden L. Ryan, LOT 3 & 4 Nelson Hill S/d & R/W Less OGM, Union District, $115,000.

* Debora L. Foley, to NO@1622 Avery Street LLC, PT LOT 38 Gordon & Ebert ADN, City of Parkersburg, $50,050.

* Robbin Nicola, Heather Cain, and Donna K. Thompson, to David L. Stewart, and Sharon L. Stewart, LOTS 18, 19, 20 & 21 Carl-Lee Ray ADN Section B, Lubeck, $175,000.

* Jack B. Lemon, to Earl Lockhart, TCT 5.44-A California Ridge Rd & OGM’S If any, Steele District, $20,000.


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