Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following Wood County properties were transferred May 11-19

* Nicholas Proscia to Timothy Wharton, lot 52 R R DeBussey’s addition, City of Parkersburg, $135,000.

* Nicholas Smyrnioudis to Dan Acors, lot 13 McKenna subdivision, City of Williamstown, $215,000.

* Family Tree Properties LLC to Matthew Shamblin, lot 155 and part of lot 156 Somer Villa addition, Lubeck District, $235,000.

* Jack Hardman Trustee to Genice Radabaugh Trustee, Unite 7-126, common areas the fields at Little Run Fark condominium, Williams District, $298,750.

* Patrick Thompson to Harold Parsons Jr., tract 1.26 acres and tract .099 acres WV Route 14 less exception, Slate District, $125,300.

* Mary Lee Armentrout Indirect to Robert Hilton, lot 22 Fairview Heights addition section C, City of Parkersburg, $249,900.

* Stanley Eppert to Michael Boley, lot 24 Fieldbrook Acres, Parkersburg District, $135,000.

* David Goldnberg to Kurtis Leachman, lot 12 Fairview Heights addition section C and Strip, City of Parkersburg, $320,000.

* Larry Palmer to Gold Enterprises LLC, lot Avery Street, Parkersburg District, $30,000.

* Loretta Wallace to Benjamin Atkinson, lot 16 block 12 Tavenner Heights addition, City of Parkersburg, $86,900.

* Future Ventures Inc. to Thomas Graham, tract 2.140 acres WV Route 95, Tygart District, $1,500,000.

* Nathan Bonnett to Clara Hall, tract 4.105 acres Laurel Creek Road, Union District, $45,000.

* Eric Ruble to Prall Ellsworth Howard II, all interests lot Cale Avenue, City of Parkersburg, $7,000.

* James Amos to Larry Sadley, lots 3, 4 and 17 Ferrell’s Valley less oil, gas, and mineral rights, Slate District, $25,000.

* Amber Steele to Elizabeth Fordyce, lot 9 ree plat Paradise Village No. 2, Lubeck District, $137,500.

* Mole Hill Investments LLC to Christopher Hamrick, surface only tract 10.008 acres Cooperhead Road less oil, gas, and mineral rights, Union District, $11,000.

* Timothy Duvall to Debra Campbell, lots 26 and 27 Homestead addition, Williams District, $153,000.

* Gregory Lancaster to Myra Garrett, lot 5 Daiv Butcher Bend addition No. 1, Slate District, $217,000.

* Ryan Highman to Camey Gerst, lot 18 Lynnden Road addition, City of Vienna, $105,000.

* Sheryl Cobb & executrix to Holstein Heritage Holding LLC, lot 65 Holmes Park addition #1, City of Parkersburg, $45,000.

* Nationstar Mortgage LLC DBA to San Benito LLC, lot .191 acres Market Street, City of Parkersburg, $85,000.

* Michael Secoy to Willis Secoy, lot and lot Jeannette Street, lot 3, part of lot 1 Teffet and Hutchinson’s addition, City of Parkersburg, $60,000.

* Deborah Tyson to Anthony Tyson, all interest tract 5.3 acres I-77 and tract .495 acres, Steele District, $1,200.

* Virginia Suttle to Larry Lilly, lot 11 Vienna improvement company addition, City of Vienna, $153,000.

* Andrew Woofter III & trustee to Scott Morgan, all interset lot 2 East Vienna Heights addition Block, City of Vienna, $108,000.

* No@ 4806 Land Trust to Eva Joy, lot 3 Kenneth Pingley 7 acres subdivision and strip, Parkersburg District, $159,900.

* Taylor Sams to Joseph Newland, tract 43/100 acres River Hill Road, Lubeck District, $111,250.

* Joseph Griffin to Emma Poe, part of lot 73 Camden Farms addition #2 and lot 22 HC Brown r/s/d Camden Farms addition No. 2, City of Parkersburg, $100,000.

* Jennings Roberts Jr., Elijah Conley, part of lots 69 and 70 Staunton Pike addition, City of Parkersburg, $4,000.

* Eugene Hoschar to Micahel Holbert, tract 45 acres Woodyard Road Lubeck District less exceptions, $395,000.

* Jennifer Saarinen to CH@Cross Church, lot Avery Street, City of Parkersburg, $11,000.

* Cam Swigert to Sarah Horwich, lot 5 Ryan’s subdivision Midway development company addition, City of Vienna, $345,000.

* Patricia Gaffney to Douglas Ketelsen, lot 2 see subdivision DC Dills Parkview addition, City of Parkersburg, $149,000.

* Mario Vigione to Lisa Taylor, lot 4 Silo’s at Painter’s Crossing Phase 1, City of Williamstown, $344,000.

* George Young successor co-trustee to Christopher Derenberger, lots 1, 4 and 5 and part of lot 3 Partition of India M Hopkins property and Easement right of way easement, Parkersburg District, $379,000.

* Brian Cayton to Joshua Smith, lot 100 Lincolnshire, Slate District, $260,000.

* Melody Sandusky to Philip McMillian, all interests tract 50 acres, 25 acres and lot 5 Samuel Musser Estate less exception, Clay District, $95,000.

* Carolyn Stanley to Philip McMillian, all interests tract 1 acres Bull Creek Road, Union District, $1,200.

* Marcia Mahoney to Zachary Holshu, lots 10 and 11 rev plat in Farnsworth subdivision BB Putnam’s addition, Parkersburg district, $107,000.

* RPG WV Properties LLC to Chris Cox, lot 69 Roselawn addition, City of Vienna, $240,000.

* Mary Knotts to Dwayne Allen, all interests lot 269 Fairground Park addition, City of Parkersburg, $109,000.

* Two Ladies Real Estate INC to Katrinka Perdue, all interests lot 1 Avalon addition #3, City of Vienna, $142,500.

* Stacy Russell to Casey Copeland, lot 219 Community Acres third addition less right of way, Clay District, $10,000.

* Joseph Clark to William Brown, part of lot 25 Southmoor addition with plat, Tygart District, $10,000.

* John Bogdan to Alex Bell, lot 106 Greenmont Hills addition phase 8 with exhibits, City of Vienna, $368,500.

* Danny Kiser executor to Nathaniel Ashcraft, all interests tract 2 acres 109 square rods and tract 1.43 acres Elizabeth Pike, Slate District, $218,000.

* Delores Callihan to Mark Adams II, unit 213 Pointe West Townhouses phase II, Lubeck District, $275,000.

* Lisa Miller-Bell tp Mark Efaw, part of lot 54 Camden Farms addition #2, City of Parkersburg, $60,000.

* Christopher Cox to Grant Chapman, lot Thirty-Third Street, City of Parkersburg, $122,000.

* Teresa Schreckengost to Roger Thompson, part of lot 14 Alpine addition right of way, Tygart District, $142,000.

* Christopher Cox to Melinda Koppinger, tract 4.63 acres, tract .49 acres WV State Route No. 14 right of way, Slate District, $200,000.

* Richard Warner to Sgcamden LLC, tract 10.741 acres Camden Avenue and Elder Street with plat, Tygart District, $1,595,000.

* Kellie Tucker to William Patterson, tract .124 acres Pearcy avenue right of way, City of Parkersburg, $165,000.

* Andrew Ruble to Christopher Witt, lot Briant Street less exception right of way, City of Parkersburg, $18,000.

* William Casto to Tyler Mathess, tract 1.707 acres WV Route 68 with plat, Harris District, $135,000.

* Gerald Cales to Kira Allen, lot 41 Fletcher Heights redevelopment #1 W A Fletcher addition, City of Parkersburg, $160,000.

* Jae Rhys Investments LLC to Fedrico Espinosa, lot 89 Dixie Terrace addition, City of Parkersburg, $75,000.


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