Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following Wood County properties were transferred April 1-April 13

* Cassey Gregory to Randall Ratt II, lot Eleventh Avenue and Hamilton Street, City of Parkersburg, $6,000.

* Gary Lombard to Reid Bailey, lot 16 Chadwick Square subdivision all interest oil, gas and mineral rights if any, City of Vienna, $405,000.

* Walter Edwards Jr. to Brandon Roberts, lot 11 Homestead addition, Williams District, $135,000.

* Gary Hill to Julie Edge, lot 14 Block 12 Tavenner Heights addition, Parkersburg District, $125,000.

* David Thompson to Joel Frymire, lot 179 North Hills Estates, Town of North Hills, $244,000.

* Patrick Moore to Melissa Perry, lot 44 Wakefield subdivision section A, Lubeck District, $180,000.

* James Mercer to David Williams, part of lot 44 Newberry subdivision and lot 15th Avenue, City of Parkersburg, $24,000.

* Robert Baumgard to Christopher Brown, tract 13.5 acres secondary route 3/25 less exceptions, Williams District, $215,000.

* Joseph Jones to Elijah Hinzman, lot 11 Block C rev plat Edgelawn addition, City of Parkersburg, $113,500.

* Chad Turner to Randall Pratt II, lots 16,17, and 18 P I Co’s Edgewater addition No. 2 Block 29, City of Parkersburg, $25,000.

* Angela Nester to Mysty Westfall, lot 128 Fairground Park addition, City of Parkersburg, $30,000.

* Robert Lewis to Glen McClelland, B-3 part #17 Oakwood Park 50×49, Parkersburg District, $149,900.

* Wayne White Sr to Michael Lively, tract 4/5 acres Gihon Road, Tygart District, $149,900.

* Rodney Sayre to Brittany Emerick, tract 3.36 acres Lost Pavement Road and tract 1.905 acres Pettyville Road, Tygard District, $580,000.

* Charlotte Layne to Christopher Mancuso, part of lot 11 Fairfield’s subdivision, City of Vienna, $150,000.

* Harold Newsome to Casey Chapman, lots 165 and 166 Panorama addition, City of Parkesburg, $172,000.

* Ralph Washington to Brenna King, lot 7 Davis Butcher Bend addition No 2 less exception, Slate District, $195,000.

* Scott Smith to Christian Deems, tract 0.487 acres W.Va. Route 31 less 1/4 interest oil, gas and mineral rights, Union District, $149,000.

* Douglas Crawford to Mark Gray, lot 3 Block #12 Grand View Heights addition, City of Parkersburg, $171,000.

* Stephen Burnside to Mark Bousquet, tract 2.1 acres WV No 14, Slate District, $273,000.

* Matthew Francis to McGary Properties and Maintenance LLC, part of lot 5 Block 25 Edgewater addition #2, City of Parkersburg, $45,000.

* Transportation Leasing and Warehousing LLC to Weingarten Bennett, surface only tract 26.21 acres County Route 7/1, Walker District, $55,000.

* James Parker to HLT Rentals LLC, lot 49 Columbia Terrance addition, $49,000.

* Sandra Madison to Jerrold Bunner, lot 9 James Mehl’s subdivision, City of Parkersburg, $35,000.

* Tyler Markcum to Michael McCusker, lot 66 Oakwood Estates less exceptions and part of lot 64 Oakwood Estates subdivision less 1/2 interest oil, gas and mineral rights, Union District, $197,000.

* CD DB Parkersburg LLC to DG Parkesburg LLC, tract 1.75 acres Emerson Avenue, Parkersburg District, $2,000,000.

* Teresa Harper to Larry Ashley, lots 166,167 and Brierwood subdivision section 3 with plat, Williams District, $6,000.

* Delli-Gatti Development Company LLC to NO@2905 Dudley Avenue LLC, lots 19, 20 and part of lot 21 C P & G L Dudley’s addition, City of Parkersburg, $600,000.

* Ashley Smith to Michael Lockhart, all interests lot 3 Mount Pleasants addition No 1, Slate District, $102,500.

* Stefin Pappas to Pride Property Management LLC, lot 6 Dils Heirs addition No 1, City of Parkersburg, $16,476.16

* Angela Noland to Chyanne Smith, all interests lot 108 Mt Pleasant Estates, Slate District, $112,000.

* Michael Wilson to Samantha Owens, all inteset lots 229 and 230 Oakhurst addition, City of Parkesburg, $176,000.

* Margaret Henry to Haley Bonar, all interest lot 5 Lowther Place addition, City of Vienna, $82,000.

* Judy Williams to Jay Wade, tract 1 acres and right of way all interest oil, gas and mineral rights if any, Union District, $235,000.

* Jordan Nolan to Zachary Nolan, part of lot 2 SS Stones subdivision #1 and all interest oil,gas and mineral rights if any, City of Parkersburg, $98,000.

* Joshua Smith to Jason Fiano, lot 2 McCormicks addition and all interest oil,gas and mineral rights if any, City of Parkesburg, $98,000.

* Michael Hewiit to Juan Vargas, part of lot 47 Camden Little Farms addition, Parkesburg District, $246,950.

* Empire Builders Inc. to Richard Buckbee, lots 19 and 20 Stewart’s Second addition, City of Parkersburg, $5,000.

* Richard Buckbee to Henry Oldaker, lot 56 South Parkersburg addition, City of Parkesburg, $6,200.

* Joseph Walker to Joseph Walker, lot 2 Stewarts Second addition, City of Parkersburg, $6,200.

* Wazir Sultany to Magic Tunnel West Virginia LLC, lots 101, 102, 103, 104 and 105 Fisher and Strauss addition, City of Parkersburg, $375,000.

* Kimberly Moore to Jae Rhys Investments LLC, lot 89 Dixie Terrace addition, City of Parkesburg, $40,000.

* David Harper to Debbie Douglass, lot 546 Beechwood addition, City of Parkersburg, $21,000.

* Yaser Ismail to Hannah Schlicher, lot 75 and part of lot 77 Greenmont Hills addition phase 5, City of Parkersburg, $375,000.

* John Shepherd to Steve Enterprises LLC, lot 56 Block F Nicelyville, City of Parkersburg, $22,000.

* Reserve Center Business Park LLC to JCH Properties LLC, tract 1.604 acres and tract 46.020 acres Williams Highway and all interests right a way and Easement, Williams District and City of Williamstown, $1,385,744.

* SA Real Estate Development LLC to Christina Ferrell, part of lot 6 Donsel Ankrom’s subdivision G B Foley lots and all interest oil,gas and mineral rights if any, City of Parkersburg, $108,000.

* Jeffrey Stevens and Jeffrey Ruble, tract and tract 1.904 acres and tract 2.692 acres right a ways, Clay District, $160,000.

* Garren Nichols to Nathan Hall, lot 17 Scenic Hills subdivision, Clay District, $160,000.

* Jaclyn Hussey to Timothy Moles, tract 1.72 acres Lake Washington Road, Lubeck District, $388,000.

* Michael Dye to Crystal Bosley, tract 2.6566 acres Wolf Run with plat, Steele District, $5,313,20.

* Michael Dye to Christopher Morrison, tract 2.2552 acres Wolf Run Road with plat, Steele District, $2,880.20.

* Marcella Whited to Shelly Dennison, tract 1.55 acres State Route right of way, Slate District, $59,000.

* Clifford Baker to Rober Knight Jr., tract 36.5 acres I-7 7less exception and all interest right of way, Steele District, $40,000.

* Brian Hausman to Brett Hicks, lot 3 Ohio Valley College addition, City of Vienna, $165,000.

* James A Cochrane Living Trust dated July 19, 2013 to Michael Mitchell, lots 11 and 110 and part of lot 109 Maxwell and Pearcy addition with exhibit, City of Parkersburg, $230,000.

* American Equity Funding Inc, to Kevin Farr, lot 62 Barondale addition, Parkesburg District, $25,500.

* TJs Group Properties LLC to Washington Valley Holdings LLC, lot Market and Ninth Streets, City of Parkersburg, $185,000.

* Stanley McLain to Teresa McMahon, lot 12 C S Pearcy Staunton Avenue addition Staunton Pike addition, City of Parkersburg, $10,000.

* Gary Nicholas Jr. to John Zoller Jr., part of lot 76 Camden Riverview Terrace addition, City of Parkersburg, $7,500.

* Katherine Pope to David Lee, lot 10 O K Norman’s sub division Oakhurst addition, City of Parkersburg, $190,000.

* Mark Keeney to Strategic Property Concepts WV1 LLC, tract 1.061 acres Gihon Road less exception, Tygart District, $30,000.

* Kayla Sutton to Troy Fleshman, lot 195 Brookside addition, City of Parkersburg, $154,000.

* QNP Acquisitions LLC to Jmaes Blatt, part of lots 3, 4, 5 and 6 Gould’s Riverside addition with plat, City of Parkesburg, $200,000.

* Timothy Whitehair to Craig Harper, surface only tract secondary route 42/3 with plat, Slat District, $61,897.50.

* Benjamin Bradley to Robert Francis, lot 13th Street, City of Parkersburg, $179,000.

* Jason Johnson to Rebecca Marshall, lot 22 South Hills addition, City of Parkersburg, $250,000.

* Garfield Land Co LLC to David Jones, lots 6, 7, 8 and 9 and 162 Anderson addition INC 44/5, 44/6, 44/7, City of Parkersburg, $3,000.

* Barbara Mason to Mike & Tracy Properties LLC, 2 tracts Old Bull Creek Road less 1/16 oil, gas and mineral rights less right of way, Union District, $35,000.

* Davis Real Estate Holdings LLC to Larry Robinson III, lot 13 Mt Pleasant Estates, Slate District, $164,000.

* Timothy Moore to Ronald Friesenhengst, tract 5 acres Long Run Road, Harris District, $70,000.

* Rock S Wilson Irrevocable Trust-2017 to Timothy Moore, surface only lot 13 Community Acres less oil, gas and mineral rights, Clay District, $30,000.

* Janis Jackson to Curtis Buren, lot 1.38 acres Dutch Ridge Road, City of Parkersburg, $200,000.

* Diana Bonnell to Kristopher Creel, all interest lot 22 Roselwan addition, City of Vienna, $81,000.

* Christian Lough to MKP LLC, lot 80 and part of lot 79 Dixie Terrace addition, City of Parkersburg, $90,000.

* Joe Lucas to Union Creek LLC, lot 80 and part of lot 79 A T Smith’s subdivision No 2, City of Vienna, $27,500.

* Kalapathy Venkatesan to Caleb Tisdale, lot 4 Greenmont Hill INC subdivision section A, City of Vienna, $205,000.

* Naomi Barry to Dorothy Buckley, lot 14 WC Nohe subdivision, City of Vienna, $112,000.

* Stephen Ward to Maxwell Avenue Rentals LLC, part of lots 1 and 2 TJ Haynes subdivision Maxwell and Pearcy addition and lot Eighteenth Street, City of Parkersburg, $120,000.

* Alica Wolfe to Hannah Dillion, lot 52 Ralph L Matheney addition No 2, City of Parkersburg, $138,000.


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