Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following Wood County properties were transferred March 18-23:

* Diamond Bay Holdings LLC to NO @55th Street Properties LLC, lot .985 acres Grand Central Avenue, City of Williamstown, $385,000.

* Janna Menear to Charles Duncan, tract 3.814 acres Johnson Run Road right of way less, Union District, $40,000.

* David Roberts to Sara Latham, Lot 5 A R Anderson and Brothers, City of Vienna, $129,000.

* Margaret Lech to Oran Tennant, part of lots 77 and 78 Maxwell and Peacy’s addition and all interest in oil, gas and mineral rights if any, City of Parkersburg, $174,000.

* David Jones to Beechwood Land Group LLC, all interest lots 10-13, 57, 69-72, 77-82, 84-85, 91-92, 113-119, 170-173, 177-178, 144, 86, 87, 146, 163, 90, 52 73, 95, 137, 138, 142, 143, 151, 122, 123, 176 and 181-183 Anderson addition, City of Parkersburg.

* David Jones to Beechwood Land Group LLC, all interest lots 151, 164, 55, 142, 141 and 149 Anderson addition, City of Parkersburg.

* Kenneth Robinson to John Bartenschlag, tract 2.924 acres, Bull Run Road with plat, Union District.

* Harold Swartz to Randy Wells, all interset lot .191 acres 9th Street and lot .021 acres with plat, City of Williamstown, $89,000.

* SP Mineral Wells LLC to Minwel LLC, tract 4.623 acres WV Route 21 and tract .456 acres Old Fountain Road and all interest tract .069 acres, Slate District, $2,900,000.

* Phillip Newhouse to Kenton Wamsley, part of lot 66, Holmes Park addition No. 1, Parkersburg District, $82,500.

* Nathan Haddad and attorney and Foggin Rentals LLC, lot Laird Avenue, City of Parkersburg, $10,000.

* John Ferrell III and attorney to Richard Rader II, lot 3 Crystal Springs Lake addition, Lubeck District, $210,000.

* Jane Lundblad to Miranda Ashcroft, lot 122 North Hills Estates, Williams District, $302,500.

* Don Maloney III to Matthew Maloney, lot 10 Debeeta-Beall sub division No. 1, City of Vienna, $180,000.

* Sue Dodrill to Sherry Lemasters, lot Foley Drive and part of lot Lewis Avenue, City of Parkersburg.

* Five-Star Investment Group LLC to Kayleigh Oates, lot 14 Nelson Hills addition phase II less oil, gas and mineral rights, Union District, $54,000.

* Dallas McCumbers to Mary Huston, part of lot 26 Jeanette S Tavenners addition, City of Parkersburg, $60,000.

* Joseph Stephens to William Tadlock, lots 204, 205 and 206 Lake Washington, Lubeck District, $12,000.

* Charles Howell to Melissa Gandee, lot 2 section A Woodberry addition and part of lot 10 Woodberry addition section B, City of Parkersburg, $165,000.

* Stephanie Sims to Micahel McKibben, lot 73 Maxwell and Pearcy’s addition, City of Parkersburg, $157,500.

* Susan Strosnnider to Don Maloney III, lot 7 Debetta-Beall sub division No. 1, City of Vienna, $118,000.

* Williamstown Dutch LLC to Tonya’s Country Kitchen LLC, tract 1.780 acres WV Highway RT No. 31 and Easement Less Easement, City of Williamstown, $350,000.

* Janet Smith to Riker Smith, all interest lot 19 Fairway addition, City of Parkersburg, $7,500.

* Jon Boyd to Angela Noland, lots 245 and 246 Grandview Manor addition allotment No. 2 Rev plat, Tygart District, $57,000.

* William Pavelich to Joyce Mather, lot 26 Wellesley subdivision, Lubeck District, $60,000.

* Anita Emerick to David Black, lots 9-23 Raymond Gorrell subdivision No. 2, Lubeck District, $40,000.

* Heartwood Forestland Fund IV Limited Partnership to Bernard Dunald, lot 15 P P Fenney’s subdivision and oil, gas and mineral rights if any, Union District, $118,000.

* Blenda Irwin to Marcella Whited Life Estate, tract 1 acre Parkersburg and Ripley Road and tract 11.5 acres and tract 25 acres, Steele District.

* Bryan Ash to Natasha Vickers, part of lots 15 and 16 Ralph L Matheny addition No. 2, City of Parkersburg, $96,375.

* Lorna Marshall to Levi Brady, all interest surface only tract 2 acres and tract 7 acres WV State Route 47, Clay District, $159,000.

* Steven Bailey to Sydney Ratliff, part of lot 17 Olin V Neal and Levin Smiths subdivision, City of Parkersburg, $85,500.

* Woodrow Wilson to Aaron Fleming, part of lots 149 and 150 Stephenson addition, City of Parkersburg, $7,000.

* William Cox to Elizabeth Booher, lot 234 Oakhurst addition, City of Parkersburg, $122,000.

* Robert Parrish Sr. MC Homes LLC, lot 4 Medenhalls subdivision, City of Parkersburg, $126,350.

* Cynthia Albright to Arthur Acquisitions LLC, lot 73 and part of lot 74 Avalon addition, City of Vienna, $50,000.

* Quest Trust Co. FKA to Brittany Adkins, lot 11 Mt. Pleasant Estates, Slate District, $79,900.

* Peter Tepley to Walter Ramsey, lot 67 and part of lot 66 Woodland Park addition, City of Parkersburg, $80,000.

* David Roberts to Sara Latham, lot 5 A R Anderson and Brothers corrective deed, City of Vienna.

* Terri Keiser to Zachary Cumpston, lot 88 Mt. Pleasant, Slate District, $152,000.

* Allen Tennant to Robert Tice, surface only tract 4.07 acres Wood County Route 46 and tract 7.5 acres less exceptions less oil, gas and mineral rights, Steele District, $10,000.

* Kenneth Dulaney to Paul Dulaney Jr., tract .575 acres and right of way, Slate District.

* Kenneth Dulaney to Paul Dulaney Jr., lots 7 and 8 C C Wents addition, City of Vienna.


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