Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following Wood County properties were transferred Feb. 1-28.

* Gary Alton to Gary Alton Trustee, lot 1 Brookside addition and lot Fairview Avenue and 26th Street less exceptions, City of Parkersburg.

* Robert Radcliff to Michael McKerrow, lot 79 and part of lot 80 South Acres addition, Tygart District, $165,000.

* Ryan Henry to Lindsey Bush, lot 146 Maxwell and Pearcys City addition, City of Parkersburg, $198,500.

* William Gandee to John Wilson Jr., lot 3 Apple Hill Manor subdivision phase 1, Union District, $392,800.

* Tawnda Black and attorney to Joseph Griffin, lot 5 South Hills addition, City of Parkersburg, $175,000.

* Patricia Rawson to Bradley Puckett, lot 18 Raymond Whartons subdivisions, City of Parkersburg, $99,000.

* Trinity Holding LLC to Trinity Holdings LLC, lot .804 acres Seventh Street with plat, City of Parkersburg.

* Heartwood Forestland Fund IV Limited Partnership to Scott Rohrbaugh, tract 181 acres and all interests right of way, Walker District, $172,000.

* Roger Oldaker to Darik Oldaker, tact 0.597 acres, 0.784 acres and 0.238 acres Buckeye Street right a way, Tygart District.

* David Berger to Centha Diverley, lot 55 Williams Heights addition, City of Vienna.

* Brian Freels to Bessie Reins, lot 7 Rev Plat Fo Hills Terrace and Highlawn addition, Parkersburg district, $162,500.

* William Edomonds to Michael Parsons, tract 15.42 acres, tract 18.92 acres, tract 20 acres, tract 31.53 acres secondary 25/8 right of ways less, right a way less easement and all interest oil, gas and mineral rights if any, Tygart District, $96,000.

* Phillip Boyles to Joe Boyles, lot 0.036 acres 5th Street, City of Parkersburg, $10,000.

* Randy Griffith to John Fordyce, lot 15 Clyde Morlan’s R/D Holmes Park addition, City of Parkersburg, $45,000.

* Elizabeth Miller to Stephen Kimbrell, lot 18th Street and lot Beaver Street, City of Parkersburg, $219,000.

* Charles Archer to Eugenia Tate, tract 2.756 acres and all interest oil, gas and mineral rights if any right of way, Parkersburg District, $455,000.

* Lori Pointer to Lura Wilcoxen, lot 1 and part of lot 2 W H Wolfe subdivision Clarence Snodgrass Heirs property, City of Williamstown, $152,000.

* Charlene Crooks to Scott Seese, lot 5 Stonecraft addition and strip, City of Vienna, $990,000.

* Robert Wix indirect to Phongtien Phan, lot 1 Craig Wix Div, City of Vienna, $300,000.

* Donnie Burchard Jr. to West Virginia Dept of Transportation Division of Highways, non controlled access right of way, temporary construction easement, Williams District.

* Casto Property Development Corporation to West Virginia Dept of Transportation Division of Highways, non controlled access right of way uneconomic remnant, Williams District.

* Douglas Shaffer to Gary Kimes Jr., tract 2.442 acres Old County Road, Steele District, $1,200.

* Rodney Richards to Whispering Water Apartments LLC, tract .17 acres Northwestern Turnpike with plat, Clay District.

* Whispering Water Apartments LLC to Rodney Richards, tract with plat, Clay District.

* Rodney Richards to Kenneth Taylor, tract 0.376 acres Northwestern Turnpike and Easement with plat, Clay District, $145,000.

* Julia Depuy to Dale Tawney, tract 2.29 acres with plat, Union District, $20,610.

* Kaitlyn Thorn to Cody Durnell, lot 58 Brookeside addition, City of Parkersburg, $48,000.

* Byron McCoy Living Trust to Charles Frazier, tract 4,5829 acres Butcher Bend Road, Slate District, $250,000.

* Jo Anne Tingler to Jessie Britton, lot 662 Beechwood addition, City of Parkersburg, $20,000.

* Carolyn Farnsworth to Debra Hendershot, lot 14 Parkersburg Industrial Company’s Kendall Farm addition, City of Parkersburg, $15,000.

* Dawn Martin to Debra Hendershot, part of lots 6 and 7 Oakwood Park addition, City of Parkersburg, $5,000.

* David Newberry to Stephen Fuchs, lot 10 block B Nicelyville addition and part of lot 35 Fairplains addition No. 4, Parkersburg District, $60,000.

* Mark Skidmore to Teresa Amos, lot 6 Port View Farms No. 1, Union District, $25,000.

* Bruce Nutter to MHR LLC, lot 17 Anderson and Smiths addition, City of Vienna, $75,000.

* Carla Miller to Will-Henry Tenney, tract 14 1/2 acres and tract 71 acres, Steele District, $175,000.

* Kelly Sheppard to Brandon Sheppard, tract 6 acres Wakefield Drive right away with Plat, Lubeck District.

* Terrance Connolly and trustee to Charles Jones, tract 1,112 square feet and tract 3,936 square feet Lawnsdale Drive with plats, Parkersburg District.

* Charles Jones to Terrance Connolly, part of lot 10 Lawnsdale View addition section 2 with plat, Parkersburg district.

* David Matheny to Rickey O’Dell, lot 11 and part of lots 11 and 11 strip C P Corbitt’s addition, Union District, $52,650.

* Charles Jones to Charles Jones, tract 8,207 square feet Lawnsdale Drive with plat, Parkersburg District.

* Charles Jones to Charles Jones, tract 8,868 square feet lawnsdale Drive with plat, Parkersburg District.

* Norwood Rentals and Storage LLC to Savannah Horton, lot 95 South Parkersburg addition, City of Parkersburg, $90,000.

* David Humphrey to Red Hill Investments LLC, lots 1 and 2 block 6 Dudley’s second addition, City of Parkersburg, $90,000.

* Carmen Joachim to Ryan Joachim, part of lots 56 and 57 plat 1 Foley Heights addition and strip less exception, City of Parkersburg.

* Shirley Radcliffe to Carl Radcliffe, all interest lot 3 Wildwood acres subdivision, Clay District.

* Timothy Miller to Trinity Polan, lot 125 Henry C Hopkins addition, City of Parkersburg.

* Richard Wilhelm Jr to Kyra Smith Trustee, all interests 1.477 acres Rosemar Road and lot, 1.65 acres Birch Street less exceptions, lots 22-32 Inglewood addition and lt 1 O S Dennison’s subdivision, City of Parkersburg.

* Richard Wilhelm Jr. to Kyra Smith Trustee, all interest lots 1 and 2 and part of lot 3 block 2 Dudley’s second addition, City of Parkersburg.

* Justin Small to Juan Escobar trustee, tract 5 acres County Road 47/3 right away, Clay District, $285,000.

* Norman Lucas to Gary Enoch, lot 16th Street and Park Avenue, City of Parkersburg, $149,350.

* Shirley Sams to Shirley Sams, lot 34 Valley View addition L Dudley and Sons addition and 1/2 Alley, City of Parkersburg.

* Patriot Automation Inc. to Olivia Beck, tract 1.182 acres Meadville Road, Clay District, $227,500.

* Mary Katherine Stansberry to Joseph Griffin, lot 73-D rev plat subdivision Camden Farms addition #2 and lot 22 H C Brown R/S/D Camden Farms addition #2, City of Parkersburg, $75,000.

* Rhonda Mathaney to Michael Wilson, lot 103 Ralph L Matheny addition No. 3, City of Parkersburg, $160,000.

* Paul Lamp to John Simons, tract 1.019 acres right away with exhibit, Lubeck District, $220,000.

* Lynn Connolly to Chole Stevens, lot 36 Milroy addition and all interests Easement, City of Parkersburg, $89,500.

* Dorothy Studenic to Fred Burrows, part of lots 14, 15 and 16 Edgewood Park addition, City of Parkersburg, $97,000.

* Andrew Staats to Tiara Gay, lot 6,976 square feet and lot 92 square feet 17th Avenue with plat, City of Parkersburg, $53,000.

* Andrew Staats to Sandra Robinson, lot 7,119 square feet 17th Avenue with plat, City of Parkersburg.

* Drake Robertson to Kelli Ritton, part of lots 133 and 134 Shattuck Heights addition less exception and tract Crescent Street, Parkersburg District, $12,000.

* Ralph Bennett to Eric Bennett, lot 49 and part of lot 48 Washington Gardens, Lubeck District.

* Ryan Bennett to Ryan Bennett, all interest lot 147 Brierwood subdivision section 3, Williams District.

* Tyler McIntosh to Brittany Rutherford, lot 15 block 1 New Dominion addition, City of Parkersburg, $115,000.

* Norman Whited to Urban Renewal Authority of the City of Parkersburg, lots 15 and 16 block E rev plat Edgelawn addition, City of Parkersburg.

* Christopher Rosenbohm to Urban Renewal Authority of the City of Parkersburg, # 22 Fouse and Hughes subdivision 15×127.98 and oil, gas and mineral rights if any, City of Parkersburg.

* David Knost to Timothy Hanlon, lots 5 and 6 Woods subdivision, Williams District, $370,000.

* Gregory Reynolds to Susannah Lowden, parts of lots A and B Wades addition, City of Parkersburg, $3,000.

* Jae Rhys to Alexandria Bunner, lot 10 and part lot 11 G W Wentz second addition, City of Vienna, $125,000.

* Perry Wriston to Gary Galland, tract 0.718 acres WV Route 14 and tract 0.351 acres, Slate District, $5,000.

* Levi Maxwell to Melissa Abrams, part of lots 68, 69 and 70 plat 1 Foley Heights addition, City of Parkersburg, $192,000.

* Timothy Flinn to Evan Flinn, tract 1.93 acres Washington Bottom Road, Lubeck District.

* Carl Tanner to MTAG Management and Consulting, all interest lot 0.251 acres right of way, City of Vienna, $28,500.

* Casey LeMasters to Hollie Burrows, part of lots 3 and 4 South acres addition less, City of Parkersburg, $171,000.

* Clair Snyder IV to Earl Campfield, tract Division Street Tygart District, Parkersburg City, $78,000.

* Mark Hall to AM & JM & JG LLC, lots 1-9 R&J subdivisions, Williams District, $625,000.

* Janet Rejoins and attorney to Jared Ellis, lot 43 rev plat Stallings addition, City of Parkersburg, $175,000.


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