Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — he following property transfers occurred between June 1-10

* First Neighborhood Bank Inc. to Michael Deem, Parkersburg City District, lot five Panorama Addition, City of Parkersburg, $25,000

* Margaret C. Palma to Margaret C. Palma, Parkersburg City District, lot 31 second Rev Plat Willowbrook Acres number two less Exception City of Parkersburg

* Delores J. Bragg to Steven E. Lehew, Parkersburg City District, part of lot eight and part of lot nine Gordon and Ebert Addition City of Parkersburg

* Dennis Butcher to Scott A. Birchfield, Parkersburg City District, lot 95 Brookside Addition City of Parkersburg, $106,500

* Marc A. McDuff to Matthew Neil Conrad, Lubeck District, lot 30 Westwood Addition phase two, $403,000

* Savannah R. Jeffers to Dustin R. Yocum, Parkersburg City District, part of lot 59 Camden Riverview Terrace Addition City of Parkersburg, $135,000

* Lewis L. Floyd to Roxanne Greening, Parkersburg City District, all interest part of lot four Amiss Addition City of Parkersburg, $19,999

* David A. Sims to John D. Logan, Vienna District, lot 136 and parts of lot 137 Greenmont Hills Addition phase ten City of Vienna, $460,000

* Jeremy D. Carpenter to Jeremy D. Carpenter, Vienna District, lots 21 and 22 Maple Avenue City of Vienna

* Charles Alan Kent to Keith Eaton, Parkersburg City District, lot two McCoy’s subdivision Fairplains Addition number two less exception City of Parkersburg, $25,000

* Mickie L. Flowers to Hugh J. Flesher, Parkersburg City District, lot 12 Brooklyn Addition City of Parkersburg, $98,500

* Rexford P. Toler to Stephen A. Turner, Parkersburg City District, lot two Stone Brook Subdivision City of Parkersburg, $270,000

* Daniel W. Meek to John F. Oshoway, Williams District, lot 59 North Hills Estates less exception and all interest and oil, gas and mineral rights North Hills, $220,000

* Patriot Wrestling Inc. to PWC LLC, Parkersburg City District, lot less exceptions city of Parkersburg

* James A. Canary to Jeremy Heath Wingrove, Lubeck District, lot 32 section D Wildwood Subdivision Lubeck District, $56,000

* Billy R. Jarvis to Alice Amanda Elaine McHale, Parkersburg District, parts of lots 12 and 13 Camden Terra Alta Addition Parkersburg District, $100,000

* Daniel Whytsell to Maricela Reyes Garcia, Parkersburg City District, lot 23 Norwood Addition City of Parkersburg, $50,000

* Angela Sue Harlow to Russell K. Griffith, Vienna District, Tract 0.018 acres City of Vienna, $3,000

* Daniel L. Sayres Jr. to Chester E. Sholes Jr., Lubeck District, lots three and four Grand Meadows Addition less exception and tract 1.94 acres Grand Meadows Drive Lubeck, $120,000

* Mark Alan Talbott to Terry A. Carte, Lubeck District, tract 1.82 acres Lubeck District, $185,000

* Kimberly Wright to Kimberly Wright, Union District, tract 10.095 acres State Route 31 less exception Union District

* Joan R. Walter to James Michael Walter, Vienna District, lot 25 W.K. Dawkins Addition City of Vienna

* Carol Dixon to Naomi Dixon, Parkersburg District, lots 19 and 20 Odgenville Addition Parkersburg District and all interest strips and lot four Desales Heights Property City of Parkersburg and Int O/G and tracts Neal Run Tygart District

* Christopher M. King to Jacob A. Guthrie, Lubeck District, lot 13 Paradise Village number one less exception Lubeck District, $80,000

* Sharon S. Lemon to Jerimiah Ferguson, Slate District, tract 1.0018 acres and right-of-way Slate District

* Adam T. Hardman to Steven M. Townsend, Lubeck District, all interest lots eight and nine Marrtown Road Lubeck District, $10

* Christa D. Lerch to Tonya B. Hopkins, Vienna District, lot seven Hillsdale Addition City of Vienna, $172,000

* Ronald R. Carroll to Dennis D. Jenkins, Parkersburg City District, lot three and part of lot two Boger Addition and lot Elm Street City of Parkersburg, $300,000

* Geni Beth Astorg to Lydia N Stover, Vienna District, lot one George P. Black’s roadway Greenmont Addition number two City of Vienna, $160,000

* Brenda K. Hall to Pamela Starcher, Parkersburg City District, lot A-4 Green Acres subdivision City of Parkersburg, $12,000

* Pier J. Bocchini to Pier J. Bocchini Living Trust, Williams District, Unit Ten North Ridge Terrace and 1/11 interest Common Elements Williams District

* Laura Lee Kupfner to Michael Kupfner, Union District, tract Union District

* Thomas A. Parsons to Robin M. Plauche, Parkersburg City District, lot seven South Hills Addition City of Parkersburg, 50,000

* Charles L. McColligan to James D. Montgomery, Parkersburg City District, all interest lot 50 Fairground Park Addition City of Parkersburg

* Jason M. Eakle to Alvis Wayne Smith III, Vienna District, lot two roadway Russell G. Beall’s Subdivision Stone’s Subdivision and all interest oil, gas and mineral rights if any city of Vienna, $245,000

* James D. Scott to Kenneth D. Storey, Vienna District, lot A and part of lot B roadway Stratford Glen Rev Plat and all oil, gas and mineral rights if any City of Vienna, $215,000

* Fannie Mae to Joseph Barton, Vienna District, lot six Farnsworth’s Subdivision S.S. Stone’s Subdivision number one City of Vienna

* Joyce L. Bowser to Walter J. Donahue, Parkersburg District, lot five E C Perry’s subdivision Camden Terrace Addition Parkersburg District, $25,000

* Emily Barnes to Dustin R. Hall, Vienna District, lot ten block A East Vienna Heights Addition City of Vienna, $120,000

* Andrew M. Monroe to Jessica R. Barnes, Lubeck District, lots 19 and 20 Ros-Mar Heights Addition Lubeck District, $144,000

* Dustin W. Flinn to Donald Faulkner, Vienna District, lot one and part of lot two A.T. Smith subdivision number two City of Vienna, $62,000

* James A. Dake to Jeremy Delancey, Parkersburg City District, lot 5.502 acres Foley Drive City of Parkersburg, $5,000

* David E. Neal to Frederick Michael Baker II, Parkersburg City District, lot 19 block A Woodhurst Addition City of Parkersburg, $127,500

* Stephen R. Stark to Andrew Logan Mace, Lubeck District, lot six McPherson subdivision and lots 6A Eugene McPherson subdivision and all interest oil, gas and mineral rights if any Lubeck District, $133,000

* Alvis W. Smith III to Nils F. Landsberg, Vienna District, lot 29 Hillsdale Addition City of Vienna and all interest oil, gas and mineral rights if any City of Vienna, $170,000

* Timothy K. Jamison and Executor to Robert T. Martin III, Parkersburg City District, lot 84 Maxwell and Pearcy Addition City of Parkersburg, $119,000

* Monica Leah Offutt to Marguerite Lynn Chapman, Vienna District, lot 60 Pleasant View Addition City of Vienna , $63,000

* Erickson Foundation to RVP Properties LLC, Parkersburg City District, three lots of Market Street and three lots of Fourth Street and part of lot 103 and lot Avery Street and part of lot 105 and lot Fourth and Avery streets less exception City of Parkersburg

* Joseph W. Hill to Emanuel’s LLC, Parkersburg City District, lot Lynn Street and Wood Streets less exception City of Parkersburg, $4,000

* Angelina R. Smith to Samuel R. Phillips, Williams District, lot 9 Earl Uhl Addition Williams District, $127,000

* Joseph W. Hill to Emanuel’s LLC, Parkersburg City District, part of lot 72 Tefft’s Addition City of Parkersburg, $1,000

* Eddy G. Goodnight to Gregory P. James, Slate District, lot nine section D Woodridge Plantation Slate District, $245,000

* Charlotte June Potter to Bernard L Potter Jr., Parkersburg City District, lot one Clyde Morlan’s roadway Holmes Park Addition number one City of Parkersburg

* Jeffrey M. McKinney to Emily N. Barnes, North Hills District, lot 138 North Hills Estates Town of North Hills, $190,000

* Roy E. Buck Jr. to Douglas W. Buck, Harris District, all interest tract 135 acres and 100 poles.


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