Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following property transfers occured between May 19-29 2020:

* Brenda Brum to Kelsey Nicholas, lot 5 Townsend and Dudley subdivision, Camden Riverview Terrace addition, city of Parkersburg, $58,000.

* Ben Medeiros to Mitchell Frid, tract 5 acres West Virginia Route 47 and easement and tract 1 acre and all interest oil, gas and mineral rights if any, Clay District, $500,000.

* Kandace Collins to Shawn Irick, tract Blair Avenue, less exception, Tygart District, $154,900.

* Blake Higgins to Elisie Watkins, lot .42 acres North Hills Drive, less exception, town of North Hills, $143,000.

* Judith Clinton to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, part of lot 12 Greenmont addition and part of lot 3 subdivision Noah Hayes estate, city of Vienna, $65,000.

* Tami Beverly to Charlene Cottrill, lot 57 Southland Park addition, city of Parkersburg, $105,000.

* James Piggott to Mike Shin, Lots 111 and 112 Moreland Ayers addition number three, Lubeck District, exempt.

* Charles Sauters to Anita Devore, lots 9, 10, 11 and 12 B12 section A Larkmead addition, Lubeck District, $20,000.

* Ronald Logan to GRP Enterprises incorporate, part of lot 1 Hutchinson Grove, City of Parkersburg, $16,500.

* Frances Smith to Cara Hall, lot 255 Franklin Place addition, less exception, Parkersburg District, $90,000.

* Gary Lockney to John Roberts, lot 20 block 19 Tavenner land William Bentley trustees subdivision Tavenner land, city of Parkersburg, $20,000.

* Brian Smith to Paul Flowers, lot 4,370 square feet and lot 1,050 square feet Avery Street, city of Parkersburg, $15,000.

* Billy Saunders to Jason Runyon, tract 30.6 acres, tract 30.6 acres and tract 41 acres, Slate District, $108,000.

* Robert Akers to Michael Leatherman, lot 9 Hampton Heights subdivision, city of Parkersburg, $265,000.

* Robert Taylor to Keith Wright, tract 2.05 acres, tract 0.772 acres and tract 1.080 acres Loomis Ridge Road, Clay District, $38,000.

* 1102 Lakeview LLC to Gary Cremeans, part of lots 18 and 19 Wentz and Gangwers Springdale Heights addition, City of Parkersburg, $41,800.

* Fannie Mae to Cody Williams, lot 62 Willowbrook acres number three less exception, Parkersburg District, exempt.

* Yvonne Huck to Beaver West Virginia LLC, lot 9 and part of Lot 10 Hutchinson Grove addition, city of Parkersburg, $47,500.

* Golden and Amos PLLC trustee to Oria Simmons Jr, lot 1, city of Parkersburg, $100,000.

* Leslie Dotson to Gary Harrison Jr, lot 28, 29 and part of lot 27 Fox Hill addition and undedicated 20-foot street less exception, city of Parkersburg, $150,000.

* Curtis Strolling to Leslie Dotson, surface only lots 24 and 25 Valambrosa addition, less oil, gas or mineral rights if any, city of Parkersburg, $119,770.

* David Pitts to Amanda Rinehart, part of lots 27 and 28 G.W. first addition, city of Vienna, $114,000.

* Leslie Kent to Charles Kent, lot 2 McCoy’s subdivision fairplains addition number two less exception, city of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Sarah McGee to Michael McGee, tract 1 acre Lost Pavement Road Tygart district with plats, exempt.

* Robert Spence to Mark Ray, part of lots 29 and 30 Stewart’s Second addition, city of Parkersburg, $200.

* Crystal Moore to Crystal Pack, lot Myrtle Street, city of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Victor Chrislip to Sharon Smith, tract 1 acre and tract Elizabeth Pike less exception, Tygart District, $16,500.

* Arnetta Scott to Jae Rhys Investments LLC, lot 10 and part of lot 11 G.W. Wentz second addition, city of Vienna, $75,000.

* William Wells Sr. to James Holland, lot 16 and 25 East Homeland addition, Parkersburg District, $35,000.

* Becky Anderson to Rosetta Gibson, all interest lots 66, 67, 68, 69, tract B and part of tract C A.C. Stevenson addition and lot 13th Street, city of Parkersburg, $21,650.

* Candice Jones to City of Parkersburg, lots 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25 strip Fox Hill addition, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Warren Summerville to Devole Properties LLC, lot 24 Community acres, Clay District, $59,000.

* Michael Bee Attorney to Craig Richards, part 16 Camden Farms addition number one, city of Parkersburg, $72,500.

* Ryan Terrell to Steven Seckman, lots 32, 33 and 34 Greenland addition and all interest oil, gas and mineral rights if any, Lubeck District, $148,000.

* Steven Stevens Sheriff of Wood County to Kevin Phillips, lot 34 Parkersburg Industrial Company’s fairplains addition number for, city of Parkersburg, $46,000.

* Thomas Heller to Wesley Tracewell, lot 4 Greenmont Hills addition Phase 1, city of Vienna, $360,000.

* Bart Beckley to David Stout, part of lot 23 Dunbar and Loomis addition, Parkersburg District, $3,000.

* Gregory Breeden to Benjamin Bell, tract 1 acre Union district, $15,500.

* Eric Taylor to Martha Vincent, lots 8, 9 and 10 block number 2 subdivision H.C. Henderson estate less strip, Williamstown District, exempt.

* Stephens Seckman to RSS 5239 Emerson Avenue LLC, tract 9.716 acres Northwood Drive and right of way and easement, Parkersburg District, 2,050,000.

* Pamela Douglas to Jeffrey Douglas, tract 7.02 acres Chichester Lane, Williams District, exempt.

* Sir land a lot LLC to Joseph Conrad, part of lots 57 and 58 Fischer & Strauss South Parkersburg addition and lot Neil Street, city of Parkersburg, $24,000.


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