Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following Property transfers were completed between May 11-17 2020:

* Tallhamer Properties LLC to Randy Tallhamer, all interest tract .39 acres Garfield Avenue, city of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Patty Miller to Denzil Sinnett, all interest lot 12 Norwood addition, city of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Charles Pickering to Melary Banzinger, lots 11 and 12 Faith Meadows subdivision and right-of-way, city of Williamstown, $446,200.

* Corey Richards to Alexis Bland, lot 9 Hillsdale addition, city of Vienna, exempt.

* Truist Bank to Derrick Johnson, tract 1.95 acres Lake Washington Road, Lubeck District, $23,000.

* Jack Ewing to Herbert Ewing, tract 15 1/2 acres Ewing Road, Walker District, exempt.

* Larry Backus to Thomas Arnott, lot Second Street, city of Parkersburg, $12,000.

* Carol Shingleton to Bruce Farrah, tract .294 acres Conger Road, Lubeck district, with plat, exempt.

* Donetta Proudfoot to Anne Berkeley, unit 9 – 132 fields at Little Run Farm condominium, interest common areas and right-of-way, city of Williamstown, $275,000.

* Travis Ashley to Lisa McCray, tract 7.6 acres Walker Road and tract 20 acres and 14 polls less exceptions, Walker District, $95,000.

* Gregory Simmons to Jay Rittenhouse, tract old Williamstown Pike, Williamstown District, $180,000.

* Jeffrey Smith to Adam Smith, tract 1.03 acres New England Ridge Road and all interest oil, gas and mineral rights if any, Lubeck District, $116,000.

* Timothy Rector to Daniel Carozza, lots 93 and 94 Lincolnshire subdivision, Slate District, $188,000.

* Scott Ellison to Christina Hall, lot 35 block B Edgelawn addition, Parkersburg District, $28,500.

* Victor Knotts to Jessie Townsend, tract 2.76 acres Hope Hill Road, Tigart District, $110,000.

* Ronald Lamp to Mineral Wells Public Service District, tract .17 acres, tract 1,803 square feet and tract 4,604 square feet Sharon Street, Tigart District, with plat, exempt.

* Gary Casto to Craig Toth, tract 8.84 acres Jerry’s Run Road, Steele District, $15,000.

* American Advisors Group to Robert Meeks, lot four plat Hadley and Israel incorporate subdivision and Fletcher’s subdivision block number one Shattuck Heights addition, $64,000.

* Byron Ott to Ronald Buckhannon, tract Interstate 77, Steele District, $10,000.

* Brian Cooper to Daniel Casto, lot 6, 7 and 8 Southland Park addition, city of Parkersburg, $172,500.

* Daniel Fernandez to Rudolph Kevak Jr., lot Quincy Street, city of Parkersburg, $135,000.

* James Wooldridge to James Wooldridge, tract 23.35 acres Mountain Dew Drive and right of ways all interest road maintenance agreement and 1/4 interest mineral rights, Williams District, exempt.

* S.A. Real Estate Development LLC to Larry Branham, part of lot 47 Scenic Hills subdivision extension number 5, clay District, $184,000.

* Up the Creek Farm LLC to Tyler Jackson, tract 210.2 acres Lee Creek Road, less exceptions, Steele District, exempt.

* Richard Morris to Lawns Unlimited LLC, lots 39, 40, 41 and 42 Wolfe and Neal Summit addition and portion of Grand Central Avenue and right of way less exception, Williams District, $50,000.

* Patricia Lambing to Linx Community Services LLC, tract 1.1 acres state route number 31 Williams District, $75,000.

* Rodney Lynch to Robert Hughes, tract 10 acres, Union district, $351,500.

* 2019 Castle LLC to DSJMJ Properties LLC, part of lots 110 and 111 fairplains addition number one and lot nine subdivision Home Building Company, city of Parkersburg, $13,000.

* Janet Kirkbride to Bob Marshall, lot Stonewall Avenue, City of Williamstown, $75,000.

* Eighth and Cherry Homes LLC to Duke Trinh, lot 13 Coopers Ridge Subdivision less oil, gas and mineral rights, city of Williamstown, $373,000.

* Craig Elliott to Theodore Brown Jr., lot 42 North Hills Estates, town of North Hills, $175,000.

* Athia Settle to David Settle, all interest tract .04 acres Larkmead Road, Lubeck District, exempt.

* Ashley Adkinson to Brett Dailey, lots 8 and 9 Homestead addition, Williams District, $137,000.

* Nancy Starrett to Kevin White, lot 16 Virginia addition, Williams District, $220,000.

* Kevin White to Kevin White, lot 16 Virginia addition, Williams District, exempt.

* Debra Mooney to Jeffery Minner, tract C partition of Cora D Amos’ property less exceptions, Steele District, $23,000.

* Jay Rhys Investments LLC to Brody Metz, part of lots 41 and 42 Newberry subdivision and easement, city of Parkersburg, $93,000.

* Lee Dowler to Talia Adkinson, all interest lots 28 and 29 Crystal Heights subdivision and parts of alleys and two tracts East Ninth Street less exceptions, Williamstown District, $185,000.

* Ruth Lipps to MHR LLC, all interest lot 17 River Boulevard addition, city of Parkersburg, $10,000.

* Darren Buffington to Rogers Smith, tract 1.9 acres U.S. Route 50, Walker District, $12,000.


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